Interview with Angela Palmer of Spiral

A spiral always goes in the same pattern. Almost everything tends to spiral these days in a lifestyle. The web series spiral itself is all about a group of friends who have formed together at King’s College University, which is a campus of high class. Everyone seems different but there’s a special power that brings them together: Karma. I got to meet up with Angela Palmer who acts the character Alex, and she told me some very interesting details of what it was like to work on this series.


HNMAG: How did you get involved with Spiral?

Angela Palmer: My agent contacted me with this opportunity and said that Karen and Andrew were very interested in having me read for it.

HNMAG: What messages are you hoping the series is going to convey?

Angela Palmer: For me personally, I just think that our visibility is really important. The fact that we have an LGBT storyline, my presence on screen as a black woman, and Courteon Moore as a Black actor, and Larisa Tronco as an Asian actress, it’s just important for people to see themselves be represented. We are all just people and we all have interesting lives and we all have a story worth telling.

HNMAG: What was the experience like, working on the series?

Angela Palmer: It was the best project that I’ve ever been involved in. It’s so rare to get cast in something where the material and the artists match my love for the character. It was amazing. Not everybody likes who they work with, I loved EVERYONE in front of and behind the camera.

HNMAG: Is there a method you use when getting into character? Do you feel you can relate to Alex yourself?

Angela Palmer: Definitely. I think Alex is my inner me. She’s saying things that I’m thinking, and wouldn’t say out loud. I think playing Alex was wonderful in that way because I got to use my own life experiences and had a chance to really express myself.

HNMAG: As you’ve enjoyed working with the cast and crew, how would you describe your experience working the Director Jill Carter?

Angela Palmer: Oh my gosh, Jill is wonderful! I don’t get a chance to work with female directors very often. This is the second female director I’ve worked with. And what I like about the experience is that it’s more like a conversation rather than a direction. She’s intuitive, and I felt like it was because of those elements it felt like a true collaboration with artists. And the same with Karen McClellan, she is the executive producer, she is the creator/co-writer, and she’s a woman, she’s wearing all of these hats and I’m inspired to see her be such a powerhouse. So to work with these wonderful women was inspiring to me and it helped bring out the best to my ability.

HNMAG: And what was the best part of acting in Spiral?

Angela Palmer: I fell in love with Alex. I truly understand her and it’s not something that happens often, I just feel so blessed. It’s like winning the lottery when you play somebody that you actually respect. This really is a passion project. Not just for Karen, but for EVERYBODY involved.

HNMAG: Do you know if there are plans to take this further after the first season?

Angela Palmer: Oh yeah. There are a LOT of people interested in this project, and we’ve gained a lot of traction and fans. The views are going up every week and the fans are very dedicated. I love it.


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