Exclusive: Misdemeanour, The Series

When you want to make a movie and you have all the help you need, you make the leap. This is basically how the short film Misdemeanour got produced.  exclusive

Three young men embarking on filmmaking with barebones ideas. Hence the creation of Barebone Pictures.

The company was founded by director Ed Bull, writer/actor Parker Thompson and actor/producer Ryan Scramstad.

Both Ed and Parker were able to meet with me and tell me all about the journey of Misdemeanour.


“What is the premise of the film?”

“This film embodies three short stories. Two actors taking on multiple roles. One story revolves around two employees trapped in a stairwell. Things turn creepy after one of them divulges an observation about the other. Another story within the film has a man and woman meeting in the bathroom of a house party. The third one entails two people being interrogated separately by the police as they try to recall events.”

Having just wrapped on filming, they are busy editing for the next 4-6 weeks and discovering the music that will make up their soundtrack. They have musician friends and revel in the idea of showcasing their musical talents.

Parker tells me that the stories were inspired by a photo, the term Palooka and life’s fascinating moments that pop up when least expected.

Parker also adds that his frustration for finding acting work led him to the idea of creating your own films to promote yourself.

“I used to find it difficult to be passionate about a part in someone else’s story. In writing your own scripts, it’s much easier to do.”

Parker writes with budget in mind and character driven storytelling at the forefront.

In filming one of the story’s that was originally intended for an elevator, it became to difficult to secure one, so they

used a stairwell. It created a different dynamic to the story and metaphors began to form out of the change of location.

“Having to improvise when something goes wrong can sometimes create better scenarios.”

Ed and Ryan had been working on a set when Ryan approached him with the idea of directing the film. Ed read the script and was on board immediately. Ryan had been in acting classes with Parker and had remained friends for years afterwards when Parker was asked to be a partner in the film and the company.

They filmed in Richmond, New Westminster and North Vancouver. Primarily using friends apartments, it became a passion project with other friends stepping up to help.

Using a three man crew of DOP/Camera Operator, Director and Sound, they managed to finish shooting in four days, consisting of weekends only.

They captured the film on a Sony FS 700 camera, capable of 4K with an Atomos Shogun display. Their DOP is Christian Eichmann.

“What are the plans for the film after post is completed?”

“We will be circulating it amongst film festivals in hopes of garnishing attention and building an audience for our brand. If it goes over well, we will also be using it to muster up financing for future projects.

We know we’re going to make mistakes along the way but we also hope to become better filmmakers because of it.”

Barebone Pictures is very ambitious. They are working on an eight episode mini series and have two episodes already written. They told me the premise of it, which I won’t divulge, but I can say its character driven and very original.

You can follow their progress and stay on top of their next project by visiting their website at barebonepictures.com.


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