Exclusive – I Dare You Part II

exclusiveI Dare You is a teen thriller that explores the possibilities of a dare gone wrong. It stars Harrison Houde as Tyler, Sydney Scotia as Julie, Zachary Gulka as Richard, Bal Nagra as Brandon, Reese Alexander as Robinson, Alex Zahara as Steel Toes and Eric Breker as Chief Johnson. The budget was $10,000 and the film is 15 minutes long. It was shot over the Labour Day weekend in Jamestown. With the help of a volunteer crew working sometimes till 4 am, they created a terrific product once they wrapped.

I asked what they were doing with the film after the premiere. “It will hit the festivals in search of awards, accolades, interest, distributors and validation.” I asked Harrison his thoughts on what’s next for him.

“This film couldn’t have been made without the help of an extraordinary hardworking dedicated crew. I would love to make a feature with them next.”

Both Harrison and Sydney have worked on Some Assembly Required for the past three years. I asked Sydney what was next for her. “I’d like to direct and co-produce a documentary on a very important subject of the sex trade.” Sydney recently turned eighteen and also contributed as executive producer.

Alex Hodgson has plans to write and direct more films. She currently works as an AD on Flash.

Harrison thanks Kickstart for funding, Arten John and Derek Ryan for coming aboard as producers, as well as Zachary Gulka as executive producer.

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