Exclusive – Christopher Clark is RootChord Sound Part II

exclusiveChristopher Clark works on the sound side of post. That includes films (long and short), commercials, narration, foley, sound design and ADR. Upon taking on a film, he will generally read through the script to establish a rate.

Some films are more complicated than others. Science fiction would naturally be more complicated than a romantic comedy.

Christopher confesses that he’s enjoyed creating multiple sounds for a kids’ show. “On a show like that, you’re using sounds that kids find funny. The effects tend to follow the dialogue.”

He tells me that finding that perfect sound effect can sometimes come from objects that don’t even resemble the object in the film — E.g., coconuts sounding like horse hoofs.

Once a film has been locked, Christopher begins to organize all the sound files. There is audio from the boom mic, the loud mic, lavaliere’s, dialogue, location and all the best takes. In a film, there might be a beautiful shot, but it may have a plane passing overhead. In that scenario, the actor would visit RootChord Sound and re-record their line of dialogue.

Once all the effects and sounds have been properly mixed and added, he begins to add layers to thicken the sound and convert it to 5.1 sound.

Christopher welcomes challenge. Creating sound that can immerse an audience, no matter what genre, is his signature.

He recently finished a film for Bravo as well as a couple features.

You can find him at chris@rootchord.com

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