Top Movies in Canada This Week

seatsThe Imitation Game – War hero Alan Turing shortens WWII and saves thousands of lives.

Whiplash – Young and determined to take on drumming as a career, Andrew Neiman goes to top teacher Terence Fletcher who pushes him a little too far in reaching his goals

Paddington – Lost Peruvian bear travels to find a new home with a family.

Unbroken – Dramatic story of how war hero Louie Zamperini and his two crew members survive a plane crash and get taken prisoner by the Japanese.

American Sniper – Chris Kyle, a trained Navy SEAL heads through Iraq to keep his fellow troops protected, while at the same time trying to be a good husband and father to his family.

Selma – Film that shows what Martin Luther King Jr. had to deal with while securing voting rights for everyone.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the 5 Armies – The final installment in the Hobbit, five different species of creatures battle each other while a dragon unleashes its wrath on a nearby town.

Annie – Young foster kid in New York gets introduced to a more exciting life when she’s adopted by a tycoon running for mayor.

Big Eyes – A retelling of the story of Walter Keane, an artist well known for his paintings of kids with large eyes. It explains who really painted the pictures all thetime.

The Wedding Ringer – When Doug Harris can’t find a best man for his wedding, he hires Jimmy Callahan of Best Man Inc, only to get a little too attached to him.

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