Movie Weekend in Canada: Part I, the Mainstream

Home – An animated movie good for the kids, Home is about a tiny alien named Oh who lands on Earth fleeing from his own species since he’s made so many mistakes. He meets a girl named Tip who’s on an adventure of her own. The two join up and go on a quest to discover what Home really means.

Get Hard – Your basic Will Ferrell movie, it’s either funny or it’s not, depending if Ferrell’s sense of humour applies well to the movie. Here he plays a millionaire named James who manages hedge funds. However, he gets caught for fraud and the judge gives him 30 days to sort things out — or it’s the worst sentence possible. With all the issues he has to deal with though, James goes to Darnell (acted by Kevin Hart) to be the best man at his wedding (no, that’s Wedding Ringer) help train him for how to survive in the slammer. However, Darnell has always been a follow-the-rules person and doesn’t have a clue what it’s like in prison. He trains James in a series of routines to help him the best he can, and they both learn what’s wrong with each other.

October Gale – Patricia Clarkson plays Helen Matthews, a doctor from Toronto grieving for her husband. She goes to an island cabin where they used to go all the time together and suddenly things get a little more edgy when a man named Will washes ashore, wounded from being shot. Dr. Matthews helps him out, though he refuses to explain what has happened, as he’s a would-be murderer. When a storm traps them on the island, they have to learn to trust each other.

The Riot Club – At Oxford University, first year students Miles and Alistair plan to join the Riot Club. Depending on what happens in this well-known club,  reputations can be either made or simply ruined in a single evening.

Boychoir – A rebellious 12-year-old orphan is sent to a boarding school where he somehow has the requirements to be a part of an all-boy choir group. This particular group travels around the world competing. Does he have what it takes?

Queen and Country – In 1943, 9-year-old Bill Rohan is happy that his school got bombed, but sad that his sister ran off  after a Canadian soldier impregnated her. Forward to when Bill is 18 and excited to be in the army himself, but boot camp shows him that nothing comes easy. He meets Percy and the two hate each other at first, but as the training progresses, they learn to like each other. Instead of shipping out to a foreign trouble spot, they find themselves assigned to train recruits at the camp. Bill gets out soon and falls in love with the wrong person, while Percy falls in love with Bill’s returning sister who has left behind her husband and kids. Bill soon meets former soldiers whose lives have been ruined, making him realize how hard war really is.


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