Mad Max, Barden Bellas, Drone Driver: This Weekend

Mad Max: Fury Road The post-apocalyptic action story goes on with  two rebels driving through a barren desert must restore order to humanity: Max of the title and Furiosa, who wants to go back to where she grew up. Unlike most PG-13 films where it’s nothing but money shots, this one looks like it might have more to it. The stunts and effects look pretty interesting. The trailers are intense and there might be some very interesting story going on with it.

Pitch Perfect 2 – In this sequel to the hit movie from 2012, the Barden Bellas, Barden University’s all-female a cappella group, are entering an international music competition that no American team has ever won. I’m not exactly into these kinds of movies but I’m sure any teen girls who like to sing will enjoy this movie.

Good Kill – A thriller about a drone “pilot” in Las Vegas — talk about remote —  fighting against Taliban terrorists. He spends 12 hours a day doing that and the other 12 hours with his family. But the officer  questions whether he’s solving a problem or if he’s just creating more terrorists and fighting an ongoing war that may never end. The story sounds like it has some very intense moments and might be worth watching as it sounds like a lot of action and plot are locked together in a perfect rhythm.

(Editor’s note: There’s lots of action and comedy coming from in and out of the country. Read about Canadian romcom Ben’s At Home and thriller Big Muddy here.)

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