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Looking for a memorable movie night that goes beyond the ordinary? Look no further! Vancity Theatre, located in the heart of Vancouver, is the go-to destination for film enthusiasts seeking an exceptional cinematic experience.  

With its carefully curated selection of independent, international, and thought-provoking films, this cultural haven invites you to explore diverse storytelling and expand your horizons. From immersive screenings to filmmaker Q&A sessions, Vancity Theatre offers an enriching movie experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

In this article, we’ll explore the exciting lineup currently gracing the screens of Vancity Theatre, showcasing the power of storytelling and the magic of the silver screen.

Back to the Future

Prepare yourself for an incredible journey through time as Vancity Theatre proudly presents the highly anticipated comeback of the beloved classic, “Back to the Future.” This renowned film acts as a portal to the past, transporting us to different eras and rekindling a wistful sense of nostalgia. 

With its vibrant portrayal of a young Michael J. Fox and its charming depiction of the 80s colliding with the 50s, “Back to the Future” has evolved into a timeless masterpiece that deeply touches our emotions. 

Not only did it reflect the conservative values prevalent in the 1980s, but it also gained prominence when it was referenced in President Reagan’s State of the Union address, cementing its significant cultural impact. Join us at Vancity Theatre this July and relish in the enchantment of this extraordinary adventure through time.

Escape from New York

Experience the captivating realm crafted by acclaimed director John Carpenter as he leads us on a pulse-pounding odyssey through time with “Escape from New York” at Vancity Theatre. Set in the perspective of 1981, Carpenter envisions a grim America in 1997, where crime has consumed Manhattan, transforming it into a high-security prison. 

When Air Force One crashes near the World Trade Center and the President is taken hostage, the fate of the nation rests on the shoulders of the cunning and ruthless Snake Plissken, portrayed by the charismatic Kurt Russell, a beloved Vancouverite donning an eye patch and a menacing sneer.

While not as politically sharp as Carpenter’s later work like “They Live,” “Escape from New York” remains a highly entertaining action film that cynically reflects the state of society. Bursting with an eclectic cast of memorable character actors such as Harry Dean Stanton as “Brains,” Ernest Borgnine as a cabbie, and Isaac Hayes as the prison gang lord Duke, this movie delivers a relentless thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Secret World of Arrietty

Experience the enchanting world of “The Secret World of Arrietty,” a captivating adaptation of Mary Norton’s “The Borrowers,” co-scripted by Hayao Miyazaki. Arrietty, a tiny teenager, and her family live hidden in a suburban home, unbeknownst to the inhabitants. Arrietty ventures out to borrow supplies, and her life takes a thrilling turn when she forms a secret friendship with 12-year-old Shawn. However, their connection puts Arrietty’s family in jeopardy.

“The Secret World of Arrietty” is a heartfelt portrayal of childhood, nature, and suspense, all set within the confines of a single suburban home. Critics praise its exquisite style and charming content, offering sweet enjoyment with a touch of genuine menace. Join us for this beautiful film that will captivate both adults and children alike.

Other People’s Children

Experience the luminous Virginie Efira in “Other People’s Children,” a subtle and affecting film about a teacher facing her biological clock. Rachel falls in love with Ali, but their relationship is complicated by Ali’s four-year-old daughter from his previous marriage. 

Writer-director Rebecca Zlotowski delicately explores the nuances with great sensitivity. This French film captures naturalistic relationship drama, leaving a profound impact. “Other People’s Children” gradually reveals its depth and complexity, drawing you in with its tender and romantic nature. 

Zlotowski’s direction creates captivating moments as the relationship deepens, showcasing the richness and challenges they face. The film emphasizes the broader scope of Rachel’s life. With its heartfelt beauty, “Other People’s Children” explores human connections in a meaningful way. Indulge in this moving portrayal of love and life.

The Stunt Man

One of the most exhilarating and audacious film experiences awaits you at Vancity Theatre with “The Stunt Man.” This long-cherished project of writer-director Richard Rush, based on a novel by Paul Brodeur, delivers a thrilling ride like no other. 

Be captivated by the story of a Vietnam deserter, brilliantly portrayed by Steve Railsback. While trying to evade capture, he falls into the clutches of a film crew. The team is led by larger-than-life director Eli Cross, brought to life by Peter O’Toole. Cross recognizes the deserter as a pawn and offers him a job as a stuntman. This sets the stage for a charming comedy with carnival elements and a hall of mirrors. Get ready for a captivating and entertaining adventure that will not let you go.

Fashion Reimagined

In the documentary “Fashion Reimagined,” director Becky Hunter introduces Amy Powney, creative director of Mother of Pearl. Raised on an eco-friendly farm, Powney’s journey from the cutting-room floor to a renowned fashion brand has been extraordinary. Inspired by Naomi Klein’s “No Logo,” she is committed to sustainability in fashion. With awards like Vogue Young Designer of the Year and the 2017 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, Powney strives to make a lasting impression.

Her sustainable collections are shown at London and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks and sold worldwide. She also collaborates with John Lewis, designing eco-conscious collections and homeware. “Fashion Reimagined” features Powney’s challenges and triumphs as she revolutionizes the industry with her vision of sustainable fashion. 


Vancity Theatre presents a thought-provoking portrayal of tensions between farming locals and Palestinian immigrants in an impoverished Alberta town. Lisa and her family lose their homestead to the bank while her father battles cancer. After a work mishap, Lisa loses her job and clashes with her boss, Dalia. However, they reconcile and seize a second chance. As their friendship blossoms, they discover shared experiences that their conservative families struggle to understand.

Writer-director Shamin Sarif, a UK novelist and filmmaker of South Asian descent who identifies as LGBTQIA+, emphasizes diversity, feminism, and social impact in her work. Polarized gracefully explores these themes without demonizing older generations’ religious beliefs, emphasizing the importance of practicing love and compassion without prejudice.

So Much Tenderness

At Vancity Theatre, immerse yourself in “So Much Tenderness,” where Aurora, grieving the suspicious death of her husband, flees Colombia. Guided by a Canadian couple, she starts anew in Toronto, but the past lingers.

Colombian-Canadian filmmaker Lina Rodríguez, known for her focus on character and atmosphere rather than plot, joins the new wave of independent filmmakers alongside Radwanski, Ashley MacKenzie, and Graham Foy. “So Much Tenderness” offers suspense and surprises, but its true essence lies in conveying a rich lived experience rather than following a predictable story. Curious viewers will be rewarded by this captivating challenge.

Making Time

Vancity Theatre invites you to experience the captivating film “Making Time.” This extraordinary documentary goes beyond the world of watchmakers to explore the profound concept of time itself. It delves into how we measure time, its personal significance, and the art of treasuring and utilizing it wisely.

Directed by Liz Unna, “Making Time” introduces us to remarkable individuals who possess a deep passion for their craft. These watchmakers are not merely creators, but human beings with stories of resilience and destiny. Their journeys are filled with unexpected twists, bruising challenges, and moments of grace.

As you watch the film, prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning timepieces on display. From a watch auctioned off for a staggering $1 million to innovative designs like the upside-down numbers watch, this documentary showcases the artistry and ingenuity that defines watchmaking. It is a true testament to the profound connection between craftsmanship and spirituality.


Vancity Theatre proudly presents “Afire,” a compelling film by Christian Petzold. In this seriocomic journey, we follow Leon, a moody writer struggling with his second novel at his friend’s summer cottage. Absorbed in his own thoughts, Leon remains distant from his surroundings unless they bring him negative experiences. To his chagrin, he must share the cottage with a stranger named Nadja, who proves unexpectedly charming.

“Afire” marks a remarkable turn in Petzold’s latest work, forming the second chapter of an elemental trilogy after the watery fable “Undine” The fires depicted in the film are not metaphorical; they rage near the cottage, affecting tourism and transportation. Undeterred by the chaos, Leon’s sullen and insecure character keeps him from making significant progress in his novel; instead, he revels in misery.

Directed by Christian Petzold, “Afire” features a talented cast including Thomas Schubert, Paula Beer, Enno Trebs, Langston Uibel, and Matthias Brandt. Hailing from Germany, the film is presented in German with English subtitles, allowing audiences to fully immerse themselves in its 102-minute runtime.

Final Words

The Vancity Theatre’s lineup for July is nothing short of spectacular. With a diverse range of films spanning different genres and captivating narratives, moviegoers are in for a treat. From timeless classics like “Back to the Future” to thought-provoking documentaries and captivating dramas, there’s something for every moviegoer.


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