6 Best Things Anyone Had to Say About 50 Shades

With 50 Shades of Grey being released as a movie, there are multiple reviews coming out stating it’s the worst movie ever. But what would one expect when it’s based off the worst book ever? However, scouring the Internet and working our sources, we came up with six positive statements people actually made about this film. Well, somewhat positive, anyway.

6. Best Actress! Or, at least . . .

“This more self-possessed version of Anastasia exerts an oddly destabilizing force on the movie.”

Hanna Rosin, Slate

5. Some humour! Intentional or otherwise

“Starts out hilarious, becomes ludicrous and finally dubious.”

-Kate Muir, The Times

4. Cleaner than expected!

“A few early reviews have given the film a pass because it’s not as dirty as advertised. They seem grateful.”

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

3. Even electric!

“It proves that age-old saw that great books rarely make great films, whereas barely-literate junk can turn into something ripe and even electric on screen.”

-Tim Robey, The Telegraph

2. One of the finest directors of all time! at tosh-fashioning

“It is unashamed tosh but at least director Sam Taylor–Johnson has fashioned it into tosh with a touch of class.”

-Allan Hunter, Express

1. Spared me from knowing what I was working on!

“To be honest, I’m not sure I’m too comfortable with the movie myself. I ended up being cast as a background member without actually knowing what set I was on as they disguised its name. They did pay me $25 more for each day I brought my bike.”

-Extra who spoke on condition of anonymity

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