Best TV series filmed in Canada in 2023

Canada has become a major destination for TV productions in recent years. With its diverse landscapes, lower production costs compared to the United States, and rich cultural heritage, the country provides an ideal filming location for a wide range of television projects. From small towns to modern cities, boreal forests to the rocky Canadian Shield, Canada’s environments can convincingly stand in for locales across North America. Beyond the scenery, Canada offers experienced crews, high-tech facilities, and financial incentives that make it an attractive choice for studios and networks. As these factors draw more series north of the border, Canadian cities and towns have been transformed into fictional locations in some of the most compelling shows on television today. 

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the best series released in 2023 that leveraged the sights, sounds, and spirit of Canada as integral elements of their productions.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama, a television adaptation of the hugely popular 2013 video game. The first episode, which aired January 15th, 2023 received glowing reviews, with a 9.4/10 rating on IMDb that’s the highest ever for a premiere on the platform.

The show centers on Joel, a hardened survivor 20 years after a fungal pandemic, and Ellie, a 14-year-old girl he’s tasked with escorting across the ravaged remnants of America. Their journey quickly becomes an emotionally gruelling odyssey of interdependence and survival.

Bringing this post-apocalyptic world to life meant finding the perfect backdrops. The production team chose to film in Canada, selecting locations across Alberta for their ability to believably stand in for locales across the United States. Towns like High River, Canmore, and Okotoks were used to recreate the look of abandoned American countryside and ghost towns. With the right modifications, their architecture evoked just the right atmosphere.

The natural scenery of these areas perfectly complemented the tone of the show as well. Waterton Lakes National Park also provided ideal forests and lakes to portray the post-pandemic setting. Shooting in these vivid, haunting landscapes helped fully realize the decimated world that Joel and Ellie journey through.

The Night Agent

The Night Agent, led by Gabriel Basso, assembled an impressive Canadian cast including Sarah Desjardins, Eve Harlow, Christopher Shyer, and Greyston Holt. While set in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, the show was actually filmed across picturesque British Columbia.

Vancouver provided a remarkably versatile backdrop, standing in for numerous locations. Maple Ridge and its Golden Ears Provincial Park specifically served as the rural setting for Rose’s family cottage.

Richmond’s Shelter Island Marina authentically portrayed a Maryland marina location. The Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam was even used to represent part of Camp David.

Using these unique regional spots enabled the show to blend storytelling and scenery seamlessly. Viewers get transported to the eastern United States while enjoying the beautiful filming sites of British Columbia. The province’s range of landscapes and landmarks elevates the visual narrative.


Netflix’s new action comedy FUBAR, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was filmed in two strikingly different cities – Toronto, Canada and Antwerp, Belgium. In his Netflix debut, Schwarzenegger plays Luke Brunner, a retired CIA agent who springs back into action to rescue his daughter Emma, played by Top Gun: Maverick’s Monica Barbaro.

While Antwerp provides an integral backdrop, Toronto also takes center stage with its diverse urban landscape. The city’s vibrant skyline and modern architecture feature prominently, creating a visually dynamic setting for the series’ downtown action sequences involving Schwarzenegger’s formidable T-800 Terminator. Toronto’s multicultural essence also adds depth and character to the show.

The production team made use of various strategic locations across Ontario as well, including a house in Guelph and a warehouse in East Hamilton’s Brockley Drive. Shooting in these contrasting spots enhanced the immersive experience, blending urban energy with action-packed drama against the colourful backdrops of Toronto and Antwerp.

Ginny & Georgia Season 1 & 2

The show centers on unconventional 30-year-old mom Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey (Batwoman, The Passage), along with her 15-year-old daughter Ginny, portrayed by Antonia Gentry. After the death of her husband, Georgia uproots the family, including young son Austin, to the fictional Wellsbury, Massachusetts in search of a picturesque new beginning. Yet troubles have a way of catching up no matter how far you run. As the Millers discover, Wellsbury harbours its own secrets and challenges beneath the surface.

While set in a fictional Massachusetts town, Ginny & Georgia was actually filmed in Ontario, Canada. Locations included Toronto as well as the small town of Cobourg, whose charming scenery doubles convincingly for New England. The varied landscapes of these Ontario filming sites add to the visual interest of this coming-of-age dramedy.

Run the Burbs

The new CBC sitcom Run the Burbs offers a comedic look at modern family life in the suburbs through the lens of a lively Vietnamese-South Asian household.

Created by and starring Andrew Phung, the show revolves around stay-at-home dad Andrew Pham, his free-spirited wife Camille, their teenage daughter Khia, and young son Leo. Despite the stresses of suburban living, the eccentric Phams approach it all as a tight-knit and resilient unit.

The talented cast, including Rakhee Morzaria, Zoriah Wong, Roman Pesino, and Ali Hassan, brings the family’s antics to life in the fictional town of Rockridge. Much of the action unfolds right on the Phams’ street and within their lively home.

For those wondering, Run the Burbs films primarily in Ontario, Canada. Locations have included Hamilton and Toronto. The first season was filmed from August to November 2021, while season two production spanned from September to November 2022. By showcasing real Canadian neighbourhoods and homes, Run the Burbs creates an authentic and engaging backdrop for this warm, modern family sitcom.

The Spencer Sisters

The lighthearted mystery series The Spencer Sisters may be misleadingly named, but it offers an engaging dynamic between its central characters.

Stacey Farber stars as aspiring cop Darby, who returns home after quitting her job due to lack of advancement. There she finds her boyfriend’s been unfaithful and is forced to move back to her hometown of Alder Bluffs.

Darby has a strained relationship with her mother Victoria, a successful mystery novelist played by Lea Thompson. When Victoria faces writer’s block, the two reluctantly join forces to help a friend, inspiring Victoria to start a detective agency using the mother-daughter ruse suggested by the show’s title.

Filmed primarily in Manitoba and Ontario, Canada, The Spencer Sisters openly embraces its Canadian setting, especially in the fictional town of Alder Bluffs. Victoria’s lavish mansion is an actual property near Winnipeg, which also stands in for various small-town locations. Dundas, Ontario is also featured in an episode.

Stars Lea Thompson and Stacey Farber have given behind-the-scenes glimpses on social media, like filming the season finale in an Ontario blizzard. By leveraging real Canadian landscapes, the show authentically captures the charm and humour of this unlikely detective duo.

Wrapping Up

From post-apocalyptic dramas to quirky family comedies, these shows leveraged real Canadian locations to fully immerse viewers and bring their stories to life. As productions continue to take advantage of the landscapes, infrastructure, incentives, and talent available across the country, Canada will surely remain a destination of choice for television creatives looking to produce their next groundbreaking series. 

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