VIFF (Days 9 to 11) Spotlight/Competition Flicks (and others)

I was a little easier on the screenings this time around because staring at screens and eating movie snacks on a daily basis has really altered me. I also went to a conference as I figured I should at least cover one of those as well. On with the mini-reviews. (Expect full reviews on some of these this week)

Eadweard – A historic themed movie about the late Eadweard Muybridge who created the first moving pictures. What started out as simple fascinations while photographing people moving, slowly evolves into a crazy obsession, much to the annoyance of Muybridge’s wife. Had its occasional slab of jokes mixed with the interesting history lessons on what may have been considered the first live action animations. Truly an amazing film detailing the past.

No Men Beyond This Point – What if the Y chromosome was eliminated completely and only women were bred? Taking place in a fictional world where men are an endangered species and women are dominant. The last young active man works as a maid for an entire female family and is soon sent away. A hilarious mockumentary featuring the world overrun by women. Years ago, this was every little boy’s nightmare. Today, it’s a really funny scenario. Most enjoyable.
The Devout – A little girl named Abigail is somehow the reincarnation of Commander Jones from the Apollo 1 accident. Now her father goes to a doctor in Vancouver to figure out if this is true or not. Of course, it doesn’t help he’s in a Christian community where this is forbidden. Kind of a sad feeling with some thrills, but Abigail always managed to brighten up the scenes whether it be her dialogue or actions.
VIFF Total Indie Day –  I could only stick around for the morning as I had to attend screenings but this was an informative morning at least. Hosted by Director Tony Pantages, panel members discussed how they reached audiences, what it took to break into the market, and valuable tips on expanding. (Marketing article coming soon)


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