Reasons 1 thru 4 to Volunteer at a Film Festival

With the Vancouver Web Fest coming up, I decided to volunteer at it, not only to get a glimpse of what will happen, but also for some experience. It’s going to be happening on the same weekend as some other plans I have going on, but I’ve managed to squeeze them all together. Here are just four of the reasons why one should consider volunteering at a film festival:

  • Free Food: One of the advantages is that you don’t have to spend money on food or really anything when you’re volunteering for an event as they supply things for you. There’s always going to be some free food or even leftovers that come after the show, so use it all to your advantage. I myself have a habit of scarfing down free food, it’s been a habit for years now.
  • Free Movies: If work is slow while you’re volunteering at a film festival, you’ll probably be able to break free from your position for a while and check out the movies being screened, especially if you’re working as a floater or one of those people at the front door after everyone gets in.
  • Experience and Connections: I’ve mentioned this already but I like to say it’s a good way to gain experience and work your way up. Also, you get the opportunity to hang out, move around and mingle with other people at the event while you’re on break. Just be sure to have some business cards. You never know if someone will be key in helping you land your future job.
  • Pictures: Another fun thing is you get to take pictures on break. It’s even more interesting when the pictures have you with a falcon or a giant spider. After all, no one knows what could happen at a festival.

So in short, volunteering for film festivals is worth it, even if you’re not too sure about the position you’re taking. There’s bound to be a lot of fun.

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