The Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. – A Marvel for Marvel fans to Marvel at

I know that title may sound dumb, but I’m sticking with it anyway. The Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is a great exhibit for Marvel movie enthusiasts and is available for a limited time (specifically a few months) at The Amazing Brentwood and is worth the visit. It takes you on a tour of the Marvel Avengers and a few other characters, and at the end, you get to participate in the greatest activity of all time. What is it? I’ll tell you later, because I have to tell you what happens first, and who else would like this besides Marvel fans? Personally, I think anyone would enjoy this, because of all the cool facts, the incredible lighting and the advanced technology that makes someone absolutely giddy.

The Marvel Exhibit is especially great for kids, I think that’s because they like to watch movies about superheroes. Of course, I have no kids of my own and don’t quite understand how the kids of today see things or know what they like. So I invited a guest writer, Phoenix (age 6) to give her own perspective on the Marvel Exhibit which should hopefully even things out since this was all-age friendly. Her content is in blockquotes below my content.

Now sit back and read on, fellow Avenger. Your mission, should you accept it, is to learn about the exhibit and see if you want to go through with it. You most likely will. Maybe we’ll find out in the post-credits scene.

Introduction – As it began, we were invited into the exhibit by a loud and VERY familiar looking guy who treated us as if we were new recruits about to go headfirst into a battle with mutant freaks. As someone who isn’t too familiar with the Avengers, I don’t know if the hiring process is this intense. After hearing that guy order us to look at the screens, that’s when we were introduced to an opening message by Maria Hill who debriefed and the next thing I knew, we were on our way to see all kinds of exhibits. One of the first being Captain America’s motorcycle and a couple of his shields. Didn’t seem like much to me.

“I thought I wasn’t sooo scared, I wasn’t going to be doing so much yelling and stuff”


Hulk Exhibit – After C.A. came my favourite avenger, The Hulk. Why? Because HULK SMASH! Nah, that’s not the reason. The reason is because Hulk is technically on nobody’s side, it depends on what he’s so angry about. It’s someone I can relate to, because I don’t usually take sides myself, and I may have some anger issues. Uh, you don’t want to know too much about the latter. Anyways, this exhibit had large green model hands of the hulk, a touch-screen computer that showed Bruce Banner’s bio along with how his brain worked during a transformation, and to top it off, a special interactive device that showed Hulk’s loud and proud fighting stances.

“I was just a little bit scared…”



Iron Man Exhibit – I think this one may have been the biggest. Not only did it have every single version of the Iron Man suit (okay, maybe not EVERY single version), it had a cool photo op where you could stand in front of a screen, and then the sensors would build you your very own Iron Man suit onscreen and send you off to save the day. That was a nice feature, but I don’t think it was long enough. Try moving around and see if the motion sensors pick up. They couldn’t keep up with Phoenix’s hyper jumping.

“It was cool.”


Thor Exhibit – What to say about this one? It was even less than Iron Man featuring a crazy amount of screens that was more headache inducing than that time I saw a 60fps movie in a theatre. That on-screen showcase was a bit too much, and the classic test your worthiness by lifting Thor’s hammer looked and felt a bit cheap in my opinion. Anyone can tell the hammer is clearly part of the whole thing and can’t be moved.

“I was just wondering whether there was going to be anything because I didn’t really see the rest of the screen-work.”


Everything Else – If I keep individually listing every single member, this article will be ridiculously long and I only have so much energy (for the record, this is being written at midnight, I’ve been doing a lot in the evening.) So I’ll just blaze my way through this like a superhero at the speed of light (not really). The costumes and bios on display were pretty cool and detailed. The weapons vault is a great interactive little feature that tests your knowledge of the Avenger’s weapons, although it’s a little too fast-paced. The Ant-Man has an interesting spotlight feature of ants aligned in the shapes of arrows pointing towards the Ant-Man costume and they scramble away whenever someone steps near them. The Thanos exhibit is very coloured and ominous and it’s what every Marvel fan would want to spend several minutes looking at. Maybe longer.  

“It was still fun even though I had a couple of moments that were not so great. It was pretty good.”

Fight Simulation – Now for the noisiest and most exciting part of the experience ever, the fight simulation. Hosted by the same guy who yelled at us in the beginning like a NAVY officer, everyone was given a mobile device with touch-screen technology to fire off whatever Avenger’s power they had. Together we united to fight off shiny silver robots presented on large vertical screens, when suddenly Ultron broke in looking for a fight. We used all our power to fight him off and won. These mobile devices were a bit difficult to maneuver, but at least we did it. 

“For one, I was not so sure about how to use it, so I was a little bit afraid. I thought I could only do one [control] but then I was happy to know I could do two because then I could get them easier.”


Gift Shop – What better way to enjoy an exhibit than bringing home a highly expensive souvenir? Or a cheap one even? In the store addition to this exhibit, There’s lots of great merchandise, like action figures, hoodies, posters, and cool decor that’s great for the avid toy collector, or the kid who’s obsessed with Avengers toys.

“I liked the Iron Man’s [nano gauntlet] because it lights up and there’s stones and stuff.”


Well, that’s it for this report. Cool computers with touch-screen features, actual props and stuff from the movies, and I like the use of the lighting in some places. Although Phoenix would beg to differ because there was a bit too much purple lighting at the end which gave her a headache. If you like Marvel movies and want to experience something like them in person with less explosions and fighting, this is the place to go. You’ll learn, laugh (maybe), and live a life of awesomeness. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets NOW. Seriously, I have a feeling this is going to be sold out soon so use your super speed to get a spot. And don’t forget to bring the kids. Really.

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