CamDolly Cinema System: New Portable Modular Dolly

(Via PRWeb) Filmmaking has become easier and more affordable over the past few years thanks to constant advances in the development of gear. But one crucial piece of equipment hasn’t really kept up with the trend to innovation — the camera dolly. It’s remained cumbersome, often requiring a van or truck for transport and taking up a lot of the crew’s time and labour.

Still, dolly shots can bring the viewer into your film in a way nothing else can, giving you a professional look and the edge that comes with it.

The CamDolly Cinema System, subject of a new campaign on Kickstarter, sets out to change all of that. Its creators call it “the first truly portable and modular dolly system for professional-grade video and film equipment.” Fitting into three luggage sized cases, the heaviest of which is 50 pounds, the system can be transported in a compact car. On location, one person, in under 15 minutes, can put it together in one of five ways (ride-on, doorway, slider, tabletop, or orbit).

The Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise $100,000 for the project.

The CamDolly is the result of a collaboration between filmmakers Bohus Blahut of Clutch & Company, Mat Jaz, and the design team at Fotodiox. Blahut says “We see it as an indispensable visual tool for independents, production studios, TV shows, rental houses, schools – anyone who’s looking to add a new level of professionalism and high-end looks to their films and videos – all without breaking your budget or breaking your back.”

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