WFF Aboriginal Filmmaker Fellowship Accepting Applications

(Via WireService.ca)The Aboriginal Filmmaker Fellowship at Whistler’s 2015 Film Festival is open for up and coming Aboriginal Filmmakers. It’ll help them get their media projects to a higher level, ready for producing and releasing, through a three-day program happening December 3-5 of 2015.

Through the first two days, the organizers of the fellowship will have one-on-one sessions with the filmmakers and discuss the projects they are working on. Head Facilitator N. Bird Runningwater and the other mentors of the Fellowship will give advice on how to move the project further, how to improve it, and even finding the right kinds of people who would watch the film. Then on the third and final day, the six participants are invited to the Industry Summit where they will have panel discussions with industry professionals and learn how to pitch and even showcase their work.

If Aboriginal Canadian citizens are interested in submitting their short script to be considered and possibly even approved for shooting, they can check here for more application details to get their idea submitted. Scripts must be in a short film format and any genre is allowed. But be sure to turn them in quick, because the application deadline is September 23. There will be six projects that get approval and the winning entries — and mentors — will be announced October 15.

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