Jeb Beach’s In The Room

On the last weekend of Feb, I went to an actor’s training course coached by Jeb Beach, an experienced actor who teaches skills to new and experienced actors alike. The course title was “In the Room” with Tiffany Mak.

On the first day, attendees were required to read scripts they had picked out which could best show their characteristics and what they were good at. Jeb would film and evaluate each, giving suggestions on how we could improve. My reading was at the end of the course, somehow me and my partner had chosen a scene from the exact same script. When we’d got it done, Jeb suggested what type of characteristics I should work with. He saw me as a brainiac in a group of gangsters (or any group depending on the setting). For some reason, he didn’t think my acted anger came off more humorous than threatening and said I was more threatening speaking in a slow menacing tone. He also complimented my hairstyle saying it was something from the mid-20s.

The next day came another recording, but this time it would be in a different room along with Tiffany as a casting director assisting Jeb. I also got another partner, someone who had a completely different scene. It actually worked out better for me and the casting director seemed to have fewer “notes” (aka constructive criticism) for me. I might’ve enjoyed the second day a little more.

Afterwards, Tiffany answered questions for everyone. I rather enjoyed these casting sessions and am planning to take some more in the future and see what else needs improving. Jeb Beach gets the point across perfectly and really explains clearly what an actor needs to work on. The course was very helpful to me.

You can apply for courses here.

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