Best Acting Schools in Canada 2020-2021

Those who dream of a successful career in acting should realize how important it is to attend a recognized acting school. Canada is considered to be one of those places where everyone can get access to some of the most reputable educational institutions. So, read on to learn more about the best options to choose from.

Second City Toronto

The mentioned center is the most reputable school of improv and comedy on the globe; needless to say that it is one of the best acting schools in the country. Their twelve-month conservatory program explores improv techniques that have been being developed over the past half-century and is designed specifically for students who plan on becoming professional performers. Along with its conservatory program aimed at training aspiring professionals, there are on-demand classes for mature students, as well as courses for school kids and teens from 2-12 grades.

University of British Columbia Department of Theatre and Film

It is not for nothing that this school is recognized as one of the best in the country, where everybody can gain invaluable knowledge. It was founded more than a hundred years ago, and during these many years, it could prove to be among 20 top-rated public schools worldwide and 3 best institutions in the country.

The school offers a great variety of theater and film degree courses, where they do not only learn theory but also obtain practical experience, available in the programs for both undergraduates and graduate students. To spend more time gaining practical knowledge, students often use a paper writing service. And there is nothing complicated in this, as many professional writers offer their services on the Net.

Canadian College of Performing Arts

The school offers three educational programs – two 1-year intensive certificates and a six-month DP for advanced learners. Many graduates from this school are currently performing in the West End Theater and have been acting in many films all over the world.

During the first two years, students are taught singing, dancing, and acting, as well as get a deeper insight into their career development. Besides, they can attend masterclasses and participate in special events. In their 3d year, they form a theatre ensemble to prepare three performances under the guidance of guest directors.

Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television

As one of the largest film schools in the country, it offers both film acting diploma programs and FMTV diploma programs. This institution is the only film and acting educational establishment that has access to every film and TV project throughout the country. For this very reason, it is recognized as one of the best. Along with the regular digital making and film acting training programs, there are also vocational courses of full-time diploma designed specifically for both acting and film students.

Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts

It is one of the biggest acting schools in the country, for a reason. Here, students can participate in a wide variety of educational programs and take numerous courses that were designed specifically for those striving to pursue a career in documentary, VR, filmmaking, visual effects, 2D and 3D animation, etc.

This is the only school in North America that offers its students about the only Indigenous filmmaking program. Equipped with high-end filmmaking professional tools, 3D printers, drawing tablets, and others, the school enables its graduates to build a lucrative career in various creative industries.

National Theater School of Canada

Established sixty years ago, this school is recognized as a popular educational establishment for applicants striving to pursue a successful career as production professionals, playwrights, actors, costume designers, etc. It offers exceptional training programs on all aspects of the theatrical art with no exception. Here, students can learn in both English and French. Its graduates are now among the most famous performers and designers in the country.

Simon Fraser University

This school has been rated the country’s best comprehensive institution by Maclean’s magazine five times, and the last time was in 2019. The uni has three campuses where almost 30 thousand undergraduates and 5,7 thousand graduate students and postdocs dig into the dynamic educational atmosphere. A lot of international students come to the country to enter SFU, where they can not only enjoy its large-scale community engagement but also gain valuable knowledge in the arts. 

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