Best Canadian Movies About Lawyers and Advocates

We’ve put together a list of the best Canadian lawyer films for you. Films about lawyers have been popular since the days when cinema was black and white, and the actors were valued not for “Hollywood looks”, but for dramatic talent. It was the films about lawyers that made this profession so popular. Who doesn’t want to become a decision-maker of human destiny? A kind of knight without fear and reproach, ready for deeds for his client?


But back to our reality. How to choose the best lawyer films? What are the criteria? There can be no consensus here. Someone likes action, someone is interested in a cunning plot, while the other one watches the best legal documentaries from all over the world in his free time. Therefore, we have selected some best Canadian films about lawyers, in our humble opinion.


Cell 213 (2011)

Genre: horror 

Country: Canada

Director: Stephen T. Kay


The story revolves around an overconfident lawyer who is accused of murder and thrown into fearsome cell 213, which seems to be home to forces more frightening than any of the most brutal wardens.


The Woman in Black (2012)

Genre: horror, thriller, fantasy, drama

Country: UK, Canada, Sweden

Director: James Watkins


It is the end of the nineteenth century, but although people use cars, railways and the telegraph, man is still powerless against the manifestations of the supernatural. Young London lawyer Arthur Kipps is forced to leave his 4-year-old son and go on a business trip to a secluded northern village to draw up a register of documents left over from the deceased owner of the Il Marsh estate. After reaching the place and talking with the inhospitable locals, he begins to understand that a shadow of dark mystery hangs over the village. When a mysterious woman dressed in black catches his eye near the old cemetery, this insignificant incident marks the beginning of a series of chilling deaths in the families of the inhabitants of the village.


Molly’s Game (2017)

Genre: drama, crime, biography

Country: China, Canada, USA

Director: Aaron Sorkin


Molly Bloom was called the Princess of Poker. She built the most expensive underground casino in Hollywood. Movie stars, sheikhs, billionaires went all-in here every minute. Big money smells like blood. How to survive when the mafia and the FBI are after you?


Spotlight (2015)

Genre: drama, crime, biography, history

Country: USA, Canada

Director: Thomas McCarthy


Based on true events, the story of an investigative journalism of one of the most high-profile sex scandals in US history. Correspondents for the Boston newspaper expose cases of pedophilia, which are accused of representatives of the Church …


Afterwards (2008)

Genre: thriller, drama, detective

Country: Germany, France, Canada

Director: Gilles Bourdeau


Nathan, an influential New York lawyer, is having a hard time parting with his beloved Claire. Things take a strange turn when the mysterious Doctor Kay appears in Nathan’s life. According to Kay, he is able to see the future, and especially strongly he feels the future death.


Rules of Engagement (2000)

Genre: action, drama, military

Country: UK, Germany, Canada, USA

Director: William Friedkin


Colonel Terry Childers of the Marine Corps is sent on a dangerous special mission to one of the Middle Eastern states, where angry Islamists are holding a demonstration outside the walls of the American embassy. When a raging crowd begins to storm the building, he, according to all the rules of battle, opens fire on it, in order to save the lives of the US Ambassador and his family. Now he is accused of killing civilians of another state. The government decides to hush up the impending international scandal by organizing a noisy trial, in which it is supposed to accuse the honored veteran colonel of all mortal sins. But at the trial, his trusted friend, military lawyer Hayes Hodges, stands up to defend his comrade in arms since the Vietnam War. Thanks to his independent investigation, the shocking truth about the events that actually took place on the territory of the embassy and took place after that is revealed.




This list could be continued. But, within the framework of one article, it is difficult to list all the best Canadian films about lawyers. After all, this topic is still successfully used by directors. And even if our list is not complete, we tried to reflect the most iconic works that have been appreciated by millions of viewers, and which you will surely enjoy if you are fans of films about lawyers.


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