Daily Rushes for Thursday the 19th

Could the Golden Globes replace the Oscars as Hollywood’s highest honour? Rebecca Tucker thinks so –if they’d take her five little tips, like “Get rid of Mr. and Ms. Golden Globe.” See the other four and a couple of bonuses here . . . . Her National Post colleague Chris Knight looks at the Oscars’ all-too-frequent problems with history (“Pop quiz: Which film won best picture in 1945? Which side won the Second World War a few months later?”) . . .

(Via PR Web) Combox platform Disqus has its own Oscar predictions, based on over a  million comments made online. Selma and American Sniper got the most attention, but Disqus is betting on Boyhood — see the rest here. . . Pixel Studios’ new releases of the day (seriously, how do these people do it?) are TranSlice Perspective, a fully customizable transition pack made specifically for Final Cut Pro X, and inMotion3D Blocks, a Motion 5 tool that gives users full control over 3D cubes . . .SpotHub by VIA (no, not the same one as our rail system) is a new platform that “provides easy, affordable, state-of -the-art digital distribution of video and audio content” and more . . . The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth, directed by RJ Huggins, is a new documentary on a forgotten bit of history — cross-border Emancipation Day celebrations in Windsor, Ontario.


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