It Haunts Me and Cold Blood: Double Drama Review

I’ve decided to look even further back into Canadian short films and discovered one of the first Canadian movies to hit Indieflix: It Haunts Me, which is a drama for all ages. The movie stars a lone man taking a trip down memory lane as he wanders through different areas such as a dock, a railroad track and a nature trail, where he remembers his girlfriend from a while back. It shows they were getting along well with each other until things got troublesome between them and she left him for good. This is truly an emotional movie and it shows how the ghosts of the past can be haunting to people who have gone through extremely sad times. The movie was made by Richard J Olak, who based it on a poem he wrote. I enjoyed the film, as it was good for an artistic movie. The use of stock footage and minimal dialogue (very minimal) added to the drama.

I then checked out another dramatic short film called Sang Froid (Cold Blood) which is from seven years later (2012). There’s a little more dialogue to this one and the theme is a little bit darker. In this short five-minute film, a little boy named Lucas is taken to the hospital by his mother for a procedure he doesn’t want to be part of. Lucas tries to escape but his mother sternly tells him it’s to help his younger sister who’s been there for two years as she needs a transplant. Lucas sucks it up and acts as strong as he can to let the procedure continue. This film had a stronger story in contrast to the other, even giving me chills at the end.

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