Do You Have a Cat? A Review

Today I decided to get a little more edgy and watch a romantic comedy with an adult rating. Do You Have a Cat? is a movie about a bisexual woman with a cat allergy. This shows how difficult love can be as the intro starts with our protagonist, Marissa, getting intimate with her girlfriend, sneezing, and then rushing to the bathroom to take care of her severe allergies. Marissa tries to explain her situation to her lover who thinks she’s allergic to sex instead.

Marissa decides to try dating guys instead of girls and her first date is with a man named Darren who hates cats. The experience afterwards goes up and down what with Marissa’s sinuses randomly acting up again. It’s then she realizes there’s a cat in Darren’s home which actually belongs to his roommate. She instantly leaves his place and goes home feeling worse than the last time.

She nearly runs over a dog owned by a lesbian named Jess whom she gets to know better eventually. However, when their second date is planned, Marissa finds out something else about Jess which is one of the dirtiest jokes ever to make for a humourous ending. I don’t see adult movies very often, so this was something a little different for me. I enjoyed the humour and the set dec was stunning. Also the pan-down in Darren’s bathroom to the litter box was perfectly timed with Marissa’s dialogue. I’m sure anyone who has cat allergies can agree that intimacy with a cat owner can be difficult.

Available on Indieflix.

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