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Celebrating the Vibrant Canadian Film Industry: Insights from Movie Bloggers

The Canadian film industry has a long and rich history dating back to the late 1800s and the rise of filmmaking itself. Over the years, Canada has produced many incredible films, notable directors, and world-renowned actors, producers, and writers. Canada is also home to the world’s first state-founded film organization (the Ontario Motion Picture Bureau) and the first national film production unit (the Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau), both established over a century ago. In 2022, Canada’s box office revenue totaled 674 million Canadian dollars, representing a sharp increase compared to the previous year. 

But what makes the Canadian film industry so vibrant and diverse? How do Canadian filmmakers express their unique perspectives and stories on the big screen? And how do movie bloggers cover and promote the Canadian film scene? To answer these questions, we’ll introduce some of the most influential and passionate movie bloggers in Canada, who shared their insights and opinions on the current state and future prospects of Canadian cinema.

Hollywood North Buzz

One of the most popular and influential movie blogs focused on the Canadian film industry is Hollywood North Buzz (HNB), founded in 2012 by Susan Gittins. HNB covers the latest news, updates, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of film and TV productions in Vancouver and British Columbia, often referred to as Hollywood North due to their high volume of filming activity.

HNB also features interviews with celebrities, directors, writers, and other industry professionals. HNB has a loyal and engaged audience relying on it for accurate and timely information about the Canadian film scene.

HNB is not only a source of information, but also a platform for advocacy and promotion of the Canadian film industry. HNB often highlights the achievements and challenges of Canadian filmmakers and actors, especially those underrepresented or marginalized in the mainstream media.

HNB also showcases the diversity and quality of Canadian films in terms of genres and themes. HNB encourages its readers to support and appreciate Canadian cinema by providing recommendations, reviews, ratings, and links to films. HNB also organizes events, contests, giveaways, and screenings connecting its readers with the filmmakers and actors behind the films.

In a recent news article, HNB reported on “Can I Get a Witness,” a compelling film directed by the talented Canadian filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming. The movie explores a thought-provoking premise, where humanity collectively embraces a profound decision – to peacefully depart from this world at the age of 50, paving the way for future generations to thrive on our planet.

The Seventh Row

Another movie blog showcasing the diversity and creativity of the Canadian film industry is The Seventh Row (TSR), launched in 2013 by Alex Heeney. TSR is an online publication specializing in in-depth analysis and criticism of Canadian and international films, with a focus on female filmmakers, LGBTQ+ cinema, and Indigenous cinema.

TSR also publishes books, podcasts, and newsletters exploring various aspects of film culture and craft. TSR aims to challenge and enrich the discourse around the film industry by providing thoughtful and nuanced perspectives beyond the surface level. TSR has a dedicated and curious audience of film lovers, scholars, and filmmakers who appreciate its unique and rigorous approach to film criticism.

TSR is not only a publication but also a community and learning resource for its readers. TSR offers exclusive content like interviews, essays, transcripts, and book excerpts. TSR also invites readers to participate in online courses, webinars, masterclasses, book clubs, and festivals delving deeper into films and topics that interest them.

In a recent article Alex Heeney shares their list of the 17 best films released so far in 2023, focusing on under-the-radar Canadian and international films such as Other People’s Children, The Eight Mountains, Plan 75, Showing Up, Four Quartets, Paris Memories, Full Time, You Hurt My Feelings, Pacification, Viking, Chile ’76, Sick, Falcon Lake, Palm Trees and Power Lines, Searchers, The Maiden, and War Sailor. The films were selected for their audacity, thoughtfulness, strong direction, and performances. Over half were directed by women and most premiered at festivals in 2021 or 2022.


The movie blog Northernstars, established in 1998 by Ralph Lucas, is a comprehensive online resource featuring information and profiles of Canadian films, actors, directors, writers, producers, and film-related people.

NS also offers reviews, news, awards, festivals, trivia, quizzes, and galleries highlighting the history and current state of Canadian cinema. NS is a valuable and reliable source of information for anyone wanting to learn more about or support the Canadian film industry.

In a recent NS post, a blogger emphasized the strong representation of Canadian talent at the 95th Academy Awards. Two films with significant Canadian content, Avatar: The Way of Water and Women Talking, are nominated for Best Film. Despite not being strictly “Canadian” films, they showcase exceptional cinematic storytelling.

The post expressed enthusiasm for Canada’s strong presence in various categories, celebrating the achievements of Canadian filmmakers and their international impact.

The Promotion People

The Promotion People, a famous PR company from Vancouver, partners with UBCP/ACTRA to support dreams through promotion. Since 1994, their expert team has guided stars and stories, making clients famous on screens and in the news.

In a recent post, Promotion People shared exciting thoughts about movies and fun happening in Vancouver. The post highlighted real people who’ve done amazingly creative things in Vancouver, showing its entertainment world is always growing.

Wrapping Up

The Canadian film industry’s amazing journey, from its beginnings to its achievements today, shows its strong spirit, creativity, and worldwide impact. Insights from movie bloggers like Hollywood North Buzz, The Seventh Row, Northernstars, and The Promotion People highlight the industry’s diversity and its importance. These blogs act as supporters, guides, and links, bringing people together to enjoy and talk about Canadian films. As we cheer for what’s happened and look forward to what’s next, these sources remind us how special Canadian cinema is and how they help it shine for everyone to see.


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