Oscar Gift Bags Include Quebec Maple Trees — For A Year

(Via PRWeb) The celebrities who are given “Everybody Wins at the Oscars” gift bags for this year’s Academy Awards will go home with a new connection to Canada — Quebec-based company rouGeMaple.com is providing VIP Adoption Certificates for maple trees in the forests of Notre-Dame-Des-Bois. Adoption of a tree entitles an adopter to a year’s worth of the organic syrup made from its sap. (Since the amount can vary, nearby trees will also be tapped into to make sure the adopter gets enough.)

This is the third year at the Oscars for rouGe. A company spokesperson says “Interest in rouGe sky rocketed following our previous Oscar appearances.”

rouGe maple syrup is 100% pure and 100% certified organic.The company’s other products, including barbecue sauce, maple jelly, maple butter, and salad dressing, are based on proprietary recipes developed by executive chefs and produced with the highest quality ingredients and care, according to the corporate website.

The company doesn’t cater only to the elites — maple tree adoptions are available starting at $79. There is also a full catalog of corporate gift sets available. (Speaking of gifts, the company is very sympathetic to anyone who needs one at the last minute.)  Also, “Since only 5% of our total maple syrup production makes it into a rouGe bottle, we decided to launch a sister brand called Blanc (by rouGe) using the balance of our production and offering it at select stores across Canada,” notes the rouGe spokesperson. These include Les Pères Nature stores, located at Saint-Georges and Sainte-Marie in Quebec — and Costco.


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