Leo Awards Open for Submissions

The Leo Awards have been honouring the best in British Columbia’s film, television, and digital media for over 25 years. This exciting event celebrates the full range of talent in BC, with awards given out in categories spanning feature films, shorts, documentaries, music videos, animation, and more. Winners are chosen by the experienced Board of Directors of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of BC. Receiving a Leo Award represents true recognition from industry peers for the outstanding work being done by individuals and teams across BC’s vibrant entertainment scene. Whether it’s a big-budget movie production or an indie passion project, the Leo Awards spotlight the province’s creative excellence.

Leo Awards as a Catalyst for Excellence

The Leo Awards are more than just a glitzy ceremony – they’re a driving force fostering creativity and innovation in British Columbia’s entertainment industry. Behind the glamour of the gala, the Leo Awards have become a symbol of dedication, passion, and tireless effort by BC storytellers.

The awards are adaptable and forward-thinking, expanding categories to stay on the pulse of an ever-changing industry. This ensures that new and emerging forms of media can receive acknowledgement alongside more established formats. Whether it’s films, documentaries, animation or something entirely fresh, the Leo Awards recognize and celebrate the diversity of talent across BC.

By honouring excellence across the spectrum, the awards nurture the spirit of creativity that makes BC entertainment so dynamic. They highlight not just the final products but the entire creative process – the long hours, the bold risks, and the heart poured into bringing captivating stories to life on screens of all sizes. That spirit elevates the industry and fuels the passionate innovation that makes British Columbia home to some of the boldest and most vibrant entertainment in the world.

Program Awards Eligibility

To be eligible for a Leo Award, programs must meet the following criteria:

  • The core creative and financial control must rest with individuals based in BC. Eligible entrants are Canadian citizens or permanent residents who’ve lived in the province for at least 12 months before principal photography began. Entrants must also have filed taxes in BC for 2022.
  • Programs can only be submitted in one category. If one credited Producer, Co-Producer or Executive Producer is eligible, then all credited individuals in those roles qualify as potential recipients.
  • For Best Animation Program and Series categories, a credited Associate Producer also makes the project eligible.

The goal is recognizing homegrown BC talent, so the awards look at where the project’s leadership team lives and works. By keeping the focus on BC residents driving programs creatively and financially, the Leo Awards celebrate diverse local stories and storytellers.

Craft Awards Eligibility

Craft Awards don’t require a program submission – individuals can enter even if the overall project doesn’t qualify. The criteria for craft entrants are:

  • Entrants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have lived in BC for at least 12 months prior to when principal photography began. They must also have filed taxes in BC for 2022.
  • For team categories, only one person needs to meet the criteria for the full team to qualify.

The focus is celebrating exceptional technical and creative contributions of individuals, regardless of the project’s eligibility. So British Columbia residents who worked on programs filmed globally or outside the province can still be recognized for outstanding editing, cinematography, visual effects and other craft achievements. 


Entrant – The individual who personally meets the eligibility criteria.

Contact Person – The person completing and submitting the entry forms, either on their own behalf if they are the Entrant, or on behalf of someone else. The Contact Person ensures all eligibility requirements are met. 

The submission process allows flexibility – Entrants can put themselves forward or have someone submit on their behalf. But the core eligibility is based on the Entrant as the individual seeking recognition, whether they handle the paperwork themselves or rely on a Contact Person. 

Submission Guidelines

To qualify, programs must have a 2023 copyright note and have been completed between January 1st and December 31st, 2023.

When submitting:

  • Entries must be submitted online at www.leoawards.com by the stated deadlines, along with a synopsis of 60 words max. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  • The Contact Person is responsible for informing all entered individuals.
  • Late entries can’t be processed.

The key is ensuring submissions meet both the completion date and entry deadline requirements. This keeps the focus on celebrating exceptional work from the previous calendar year. With collaboration between Contact Persons and Entrants, the process aims to be straightforward for British Columbia residents to gain recognition for their stellar accomplishments.

Conditions of Entry

  • Entrants must have received an on-screen credit in the category they are entering.
  • The Leo Awards reserve the right to air up to 2 minutes of clips and use entries for promotional purposes.
  • By entering, individuals grant the necessary rights for exhibition at the awards.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete info may disqualify a program, and awards can be revoked if issues emerge.
  • The Leo Awards will resolve any disputes and keep copies of winning entries for archives.

Submitting an entry indicates the Contact Person and Entrant understand and accept these rules and regulations.

Material Requirements for Entry:

Submission Preparation

When getting ready to submit an entry, first make sure to upload the full program or episode you want to enter. You’ll need to provide a URL link to access the full entry.

Uploading materials in advance instead of during the submission process helps things go smoother, since large files like movies can take a while to upload.

Having the full entry ready to go ahead of time allows you to focus on the submission details without delay or interruptions from uploads. This small preparation step can streamline the experience and ensure you get your entry submitted by the deadline.

Final Word

The Leo Awards offer a meaningful opportunity for British Columbia’s talented entertainment professionals to gain recognition from their peers for outstanding achievements in film, television, and digital media. With a wide range of categories spanning everything from feature films to animated shorts, these prestigious honours celebrate the diversity of excellence within BC’s dynamic creative community. For full details on submission fees and requirements for the various award categories such as Best Motion Picture, Best Television Movie, Best Short Drama, and more, be sure to visit the Leo Awards official website. Receiving one of these accolades is a career highlight for many, and serves as inspiration for BC storytellers to continue pursuing bold, innovative projects.

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