YKIFF 2022 – Back in-person

We have lots of festivals here in Vancouver, but there are lots of other festivals in other provinces. Take our upstairs neighbours for example. In the Northwest Territories, there’s the Yellowknife International Film Festival or YKIFF for short. What’s really cool about it is it’s a hybrid festival both online and in-person. We’ve had a lot of online festivals ever since COVID nosed around the whole world forcing us to stay indoors for the most part, but online festivals are a brand new pleasure. Since Yellowknife is too far for travel (and I don’t have a license for reasons that can’t be discussed), I recommend everyone who’s out of the town or even the province to buy a ticket for the online experience. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get at this year’s YKIFF 2022: A pitch contest where you pitch your own short film idea to a panel of judges, and if yours is a good idea worth a win, you’ll win financial resources to make your project, a few collections of short films, short documentaries, and even feature documentaries, all for your online viewing pleasure.

But that’s just a little bit of what to expect. There’s sure to be more announced in the coming days, since this festival won’t be starting at least until November 2nd. Actually, a little earlier than that, it gets a head start on October 27th with all those films I mentioned, and over in Yellowknife there are table reads happening in Elks Lodge on the 28th. Sound interesting? Buy some tickets! Prepare for some screeners! It’ll be worth it.

It’s all obtainable here!


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