Woodman is growing through film festivals

Does anyone remember last year when Crazy 8’s 2017 showcased a short film about a little wooden puppet? Well, the short film’s reputation has been growing like a tree sapling overtime and it’s going to be showing at many more upcoming festivals including the Vancouver Short Film Festival. Woodman is much like the story of Pinocchio, but with a slightly different angle. Instead of taking place years ago, it’s more of a modern day and age. Pinocchio could never stop lying, and of course adjusts to a new life living in a basement where his long rooty nose makes more of a mess than common hoarder’s clutter. With his ramshackle computer, he creates an online dating account and lies frequently on the web, safely hiding behind his keyboard. But then, most people on the Internet do that anyway. This interesting concept was written by Peter New, who also puts on a ‘wooden’ performance starring as Pinocchio. Alongside New is Mike Jackson serving as director, and the two have been working together for many years, ever since their creation of their short film, The Bar, which was the very first winning film of the Hot Shot Shorts Competition.

A fantastic film with a delightful story that shows even if you’re as hollow as a tree-trunk, proving something and admitting the truth does make you more of a man. With the crew working hard with only 8 days to go through the 5 stages of production, the film has amazing decor, the make-up is so frighteningly realistic but incredible, showing just how amazing prosthetics can be used at times. Be on the lookout for this short film, as it is on its way throughout our beloved city as well as festivals in Texas, Utah, Nevada, and even New York. No matter what creative geniuses Peter New and Mike Jackson make, their stunning content never wilts.

Check out Darren’s interview with Peter New here.

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