Unfriending stays for One Night – Catch it if you can!

If you’re in Toronto, chances are you’ve heard of the Butler Brothers, seen their films, or even got a chance to see them in person. Have you? Dynamic Duo Jason and Brett Butler are back at it again, this time with the release of their latest film, Unfriending. In case any of you readers haven’t seen it at any film festivals, the film will be screening December 10 2023 at 3PM in Revue Cinema of Toronto. However, this is only one night, so hurry up and grab your tickets. Time is running out FAST. 

But what is the movie about? It’s a dark comedy about some friends. Amongst them is one outcast and they all insist he commit suicide because they all think he’s a loser. How charming. But the Butler brothers have an interesting explanation behind it: It’s social satire on cancel culture and an in-person representation of how people communicate online, in some cases this was also the same case long before social media. From the various playground putdowns, to the locker room wedgies and swirlies, all the way to the hate mail messages and cyberthreats targeted towards certain fandom followers. Tragic, really.

Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

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