TFS and its new campaign – Announcement

Our frenemies and neighbours over in Toronto have quite an intense film industry, much like our own. It continues to grow and grow and grow and grow, and it has been doing so VERY fast. I mean seriously, it’s beginning to get more demand for workers and there’s a real shortage of them as well. The demand is growing higher than the views on this site and that’s ridiculously fast. This calls for newer better education to pump out better film types to fill the gaps and gain experience. Well, just a couple weeks ago, Toronto Film School launched its cool new campaign, called “Your In” and will provide jobs into acting, film production, writing, graphic design, game development, animation and so much more. 

So how does it work? It showcases TFS’s track record and credibility in the film/tv industry through the newly remade official website where a youtube video shows everything you need to know, made for students by students… and alumni. Filmed at 2D House with colour correction done by ArtJail, the video shows a young curious child who enters the world of storytelling and takes a journey.

If you want to learn more about Toronto Film School and see the video, check out the official website now and see about becoming a student. It just might be worth it.

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