SPF21 – Safety Starts Now for the Earth

Sustainable Production Forum 2021 has started as of yesterday and already it’s bringing in plans to save the Earth while making films. With the film industry, there’s a lot of causes of pollution, but thanks to SPF, we can look to ways to reduce pollution and keep the planet lasting longer. What can we do to make the film industry less of a pollutant? Join the forum and learn what you can do because all-access passes are now available. In a virtual event from October 25-29, prepare to learn important lessons in environmentalism from people such Barbara Williams, the Executive Vice-President of CBC, Shannon Bart from Netflix, Linda Breggin of the Environmental Law Institute, and a lot more people. A fair amount of them are women. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Women are amazing at what they do, especially for the industry. But if that’s not enough, they also have a Green Marketplace digital trade show, which features vendor booths, and you can even pitch to the vendors your great ideas for sustaining the planet. Save the Earth one virtual conference at a time, and click here gently to eco-join this great cause which is great… ‘cause!

As for us, we keep ourselves ecologically friendly by doing our articles online. No paper used by us.

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