Ontario’s Economy Gets Tremendous Boost Thanks to Suicide Squad

(via CNW) While opinions are mixed and reviews are stating that Suicide Squad is not exactly a good movie, there is an upside to the film, especially considering its location. Suicide Squad did a majority of its shooting on a soundstage in Ontario. Because of that, Ontario has gotten a tremendous financial influx of about 80 million dollars. Nearly 100 days of filming provided 4707 jobs in Ontario for people in the industry, millions in dollars went into rental fees, construction supplies, and even more. The production has supported local businesses in Ontario, made great use of the soundstage and scenic city views, and has provided amazing support in more ways than one.

MPA-Canada President Wendy Noss has stated, “Productions like Suicide Squad are not only an opportunity to showcase Ontario’s talented cast and crew, but also support thousands of local businesses who play a significant role behind the scenes.With Suicide Squad spending over $80 million in the province, it is easy to understand why the film and television industry is a critical part of Ontario’s economy.”

Bill Draper of Warner Bros Pictures has expressed his gratitude, saying “Toronto provided the perfect backdrop for some of the high intensity scenes in Suicide Squad. We had access to top cast, crew and extras, and fantastic small businesses throughout the province that supplied everything a large-scale production like Suicide Squad requires.”

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