New Strategy Fund at SMPIA

The Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (or SMPIA) is an organization dedicated to getting film projects in Saskatchewan (and a few other places) promoted and getting producers connected with businesses to help them with creating productions.

Recently, SMPIA has anounced their latest program to help support filmmaking companies over the next two years. This newest program is called the Western Canada Business Strategy Fund and will help production companies gain assistance from professionals to help establish plans for getting their work marketed, as well as expanding their business.

This Strategy Fund is currently open to production companies that have originated in Alberta, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan and are currently producing content for either language market, English or French, with a strong record in film. Companies in BC producing work for French markets also qualify. Projects that are eligible for this fund include business plans, commercials, and production websites.

Applications for projects will be accepted on the 1st and 15th of every month and the deadline prior to project approval will be in three weeks. Applicants must also submit a business plan for long-term business explaining how they will keep their project going. Projects that are approved must be completed by March 31, 2017.

Those who apply only have to pay a processing fee of $50 along with 50% of the eligibility fee that has been decided by the jury representing the organization of the strategy fund. Complete guidelines are available at SMPIA.

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