New Series Channels Canadian Comedy

Writer / Actor Daniel Musial has just launched his own unique comedy web series ‘The Lunchtime Quickie “which stars a mix of stabled actors and includes Instagram star Ellie Rose Giddings. The web series which Daniel say’s was heavily influenced by Canadian comedy writing and legendary Canadian actors including, John Candy, Mike Myers and Seth Rogan using a balanced mix of timing and dialogue.

The series which revolves around Jason, (played by Daniel) and his hilarious attempts to cover up his failed conquests.

What also makes this series different is the way it’s shot, as though the audience is watching the drama unfold live like a sporting game and includes Commentary.

Canadian comedy is always well timed and when I was working on this I quickly identified how much of an influence Canadian comedy characters has had on me. Pineapple Express is one of my favourite films because of the characters especially Seth Rogan, the character of Jason isn’t a pot head but channels a blind conviction of morals similar to Rogan’s character in the film.

The Canadian TV series, “Corner Gas “ also had an influence on me, it’s so well written so that just having the characters simply talking keeps the audience engaged and laughing. rather than expensive backdrops. I love the first scene at the Gas Station, it’s 3 guys talking about flat countryside yet it’s engaging.

If you look at the elite comedies actors in Hollywood and around the world, names like Jim Carey, Michael J Fox, Ryan Reynolds, and John Candy really set the benchmark.

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