National Canadian Film Day Takes Things to the Top for 10th Year

Happy National Canadian Film Day, everybody! Canadian films have been a boon to culture and have brought much work to and from Canada for us movie types everywhere not just in Canada but around the world. A lot of people have their opinions on Canadian cinema, but it truly is some of the greatest media of all time ever made. What better way to celebrate it with a day that focuses on the subject, and the best way to celebrate it is by watching movies. Canadian produced movies, that is. There’s plenty of screeners to check out currently and for this year we have made a great milestone celebrating the 10th anniversary of National Canadian Film Day. To celebrate this momentous occasion, a lot of great events and screenings (specifically 110 screenings around the country) have been planned out by Jack Blum and Sharon Corder, who run REEL Canada which is hosting this year’s screenings and the majority of events nationwide.

Now Jack and Sharon are mainly responsible for founding REEL Canada 18 years ago and they primarily work in showcasing all kinds of Canadian films everywhere even including an Indigenous Canadian Film Program. For this year’s National Canadian Film Day, they are doing the very first complete 100% back after 3 years of COVID shutdowns, and with a lot of work and a very devoted team made up of hundreds of partners, they’ve managed to approach 1500 screenings all over Canada. These will include independent cinemas, regional halls, libraries, military bases, retirement homes, community centres, schools, restaurants and so much more. They also had to work with a fair amount of broadcasters and streaming platforms participating, all the distributors to get the rights for screening films, and all the filmmakers to get them to a screening of their own for the occasion. REEL Canada has also made a lot of video tributes this year as well dedicated to those who passed on in the last few years, and created livestreams for high school screenings. 

Sharon explained it was a complicate process setting things up, saying “Every province and territory is participating and it’s really important that we get everybody” and they’re really looking forward to the video tributes and testimonials of Jeff Barnaby and Gordon Pinsent, a free countrywide showing of Blood Quantum on CBC Gem, and a few live screenings of John and the Missus. that features bonus content. One screening in Toronto will feature Colm Feore and Mary Walsh sharing stories about Jeff. Jack added, “One of the things we’re doing is a Gordon Pinsent marathon in Toronto. It’s four screenings from 1:30 to midnight of his films.” As for the local neck of the woods here in Vancouver, Vancity Theatre is showing a Great Canadian Short Film Show which will showcase short films from filmmakers who went on to become famous. Check here for more details, you’ll see some familiar names. Sharon and Jack went on to explain how there’s a dozen screenings across Quebec and how unusual it is that Quebec is participating in a National event like this one. There are also plenty of Indigenous events across Canada and many of them are to be enhance with elders, dancers, and a look into their culture. Plenty of special surprises and enhancements wherever province you’re in. 

But why limit to just films? There are also chili cook-offs and over in Edmonton, there’s a kids screening program where they distribute colouring books, and Millerville is hosting a pyjama screening party for a lot of people. While a few films like John and the Missus, Blood Quantum, and Grand Seduction are available to everyone, most movies are local screenings. However, the broadcasters and streamers have tons of movies and programs to choose from. There’s a number of films to watch all day long. Check out everything that’s going on here. Watch some films online, or better yet, see what events are happening in your local area and attend them. You’ll have lots of fun doing so. 

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