Lucky Number Seven have been selected for WFF’s Producer Program

Whistler Film Festival has selected the official participants for the 2022 Producers Lab, an exclusive program to help Canada’s new and upcoming producers develop stronger skills in filmmaking and producing, to make it big in the industry. This year’s lucky 7 are Kent Donguines (Forbidden Tikka Masala), Kate Green (Maybe this Christmas), Luke Humphrey (Teething), Tanis Parenteau (The Chief and her Sister), Christina Saliba (White Noise), Sina Sultani (Trace), and Shelley Thompson (Bouquet). For the 15th year of this special program, the Advisor for this year (who has been advisor for quite a while) is John Galway, a producer and president of Corrib Entertainment. Joining him will be Jonas Chernick, who has been involved in quite a lot of WFF content over the years, and Lael McCall, the president of Principa Productions. That’s not all, some big businesses like Telefilm Canada, Creative BC, Netflix, and William F. White International are also helping support this program and offering some good sponsorship. Going next week from May 30-June 4, The Producer Lab will be done both online and in-person to make accessibility for participants all the more easier. Not only will they get advice and amazing info from the finest experts within Canada’s film industry or people worldwide in all kinds of sessions, participants will also be beneficiaries of the David Miller Legacy award, which promises each producer $500 to get them a headstart on their latest work. 

Best wishes to the 7 producers of tomorrow and I hope to see their productions in the future, maybe I’ll get a chance to review them.

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