Jackie Boy Theatrical Release

Last year, I did a quick simple review on Jackie Boy, a film about a man notorious for taking one night stands and trying to get know someone named Jasmine who he thought was the special woman just for him. As he tries to get to know her more, he also makes it his priority to give up the life he has. A day after my review, Jackie Boy got its initial premiere at the Royal Cinema in Toronto where it got amazing reception for how amazing it was. Now Jackie Boy has been scheduled for a theatrical release at its original premiere location, none other than the Royal Cinema. Times are as follows:

May 5th9pm

May 6th5pm

May 7th7pm

May 8th9:30pm

May 9th9:30pm

May 10th10pm

May 11th – 10:30pm

If you live in Toronto, I suggest you go watch it. It’s really well done.

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