Dancing on the Elephant has already taken its first steps

You may think with a title like that it’s some silly kid’s book. Well it’s not, it’s a heartwarming dreamed being filmed in Halifax. Based off a play by Lisa Hagen, Dancing on the Elephant stars Mary Walsh, Sheila McCarthy, and Amanda Brugel on an adventure in Cape Breton in the 2010’s. The story is about a woman named Nora Nelly who gets dropped off by her son who feels guilty for a lot of things, and Nora feels there’s no adventure left in her life. That’s when she meets an old acquaintance named Edna Buchanan who helps Nora regain her sense of adventure. They discover they  have a lot in common and become the best of friends, and try to have as many adventures as possible, but Edna has memory loss issues and must be put in the secure memory care wing, but Nora plans one last big adventure for the two to enjoy even if it won’t be remembered.

Filming took place from Feb 21 to March 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This makes for a great story, not just because it’s about females, but it’s also about elderly women, and according to Lisa Hagen, those stories are lively and rich. People helping bring this story to life include Julia Neil, Jacob Smith, and Michael Pierson, who are all excited about working on this film. I wonder how post-production has been going so far?

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