Celluloid Social Club 20 year anniversary: 20 years of networking and screening

Everyone knows about the Celluloid Social Club, it’s that one particular networking event that doesn’t happen enough times per year. But it’s still an interesting experience. Last night’s was celebrating the 20th year of this quaint little event, in the compound top level of the Anza club. And it was extremely compact because 85% of the seats were reserved for guests. It’s usually 65% reserved seats. Familiar faces, familiar vibe, and a bar that actually served on the top level for once this time, last night’s proved to actually be pretty eventful and not just because of free cake at the end. But also because it was hosted by classic host Ken Hegan who used to host CSC for 10 years. Along with Mr. Hegan’s rousing words, along came some short films, both classic and modern. First everyone got treated to a minute or two of The Operation, a long film which all I can say is deep and dark. Now onto the rest.

Never Better – Written by, Directed by, and Starring Lucie Guest (who was also a guest last night, har har) this short film tells the story of a young woman named Rudi who can’t get over the fact that her lover is long gone after a failed relationship. But that doesn’t stop her from going on a journey to find love once more. It’s just so hilarious. But at the same time, this sort of reminds me of an incident I recently noticed in my own life. Sometimes losing somebody takes its toll, and sometimes it’s better to let them go. That’s what this film shows in a rather funny style.

Shortly after that, we got treated to some trailers for upcoming films, including self-promotion of the Crazy 8s Film Festival and Cool Daddy, two major projects of Paul Armstrong’s. Because we all know Celluloid Social Club wouldn’t be where it was today without Paul Armstrong. Props to the guy.

The Bar – A legendary short film from the 2007 Hot Shot Shorts contest, take a trip down Nostalgia Lane and see my opinions here.

William Shatner lent me his hairpiece: An untrue story – Another classic, a trekkie tells some kids the story about how he once had the powerful hairpiece that belonged to the great William Shatner. Of course it’s all made up. The effects were pretty cool, and seeing classic Vancouver is always a cool thing. Humorous content from the mind of Ken Hegan who got inspired while interviewing Shatner.

Goners – A fake trailer for a movie that will someday become real. After the world’s best killer retires from his job, he learns his lazy incompetent brother is being hunted by gangsters during a zombie apocalypse. This is actually a pretty impressive over-the-top idea once again, coming from Hegan. It was also one of the few gems at the last East Van Short Film Case (which I didn’t really think of writing about).

Aardvark – Another one of Ken Hegan’s works that couldn’t be fully viewed so not to delay the afterparty. But also because Hegan is ashamed of it. I don’t blame the guy, it’s supposedly a documentary about two performing nuts who want to try to get themselves out there via travelling. They attempt to get into a festival of sorts. I don’t know, if I ever see it in the future, maybe I’ll make a clearer review.

And after all that, came the afterparty. It consisted of the traditional raffle where one or two people are the only winners, moving chairs, mingling, conversations about projects, the free chocolate cake I mentioned earlier, and a dance floor space that was emptier than all of the collected glassware from after the shows. In fact, not many people did seem to stick around for most of this. But no matter, this was a super exclusive event, and here’s hoping for more exciting Celluloid Social Club events in the future hosted by Paul Armstrong.

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