Canadian Lineup for TIFF 2016

Recently, the Toronto International Film Festival has announced the official lineup of Canadian films that will be playing this year. In no particular order, they are as follows:

Below Her Mouth – A Lesbian love story. What starts out as a simple affair turns into a complex relationship. Something tells me this is one of those movies that catches you off guard with a change of genre.

Mean Dreams – A thriller about two teens both dealing with abusive families so they must escape and find love with each other. This sounds like a mix of a few movies I’ve seen.

Black Code – Nobody can be safe anywhere. Not even on the Internet. And that’s what this film explores as we learn about agents who know what we’re up to. And I thought having a rare last name was risky.

It’s Only the End of the World – Or that’s what it feels like when a young writer named Lou returns home and tells his family he is dying. Directed by Xavier Dolan. I think Alex knows more about Dolan┬áthan I do.

70s Set Weirdos – A film by Bruce MacDonald. I can’t find out much else, it’s not up on IMDB yet.

All Governments Lie – The title speaks the truth. It’s a documentary about a journalist and their discoveries/activism over the buffoons who run our countries.

Two Lovers and a Bear – Up somewhere near the North pole starring two people named Roman and Lucy who find desire for each other. And there’s a polar bear involved somehow.

Anatomy of Violence – A documentary that explores gang rape and fights and New Delhi. So many documentaries on these subjects, yet so few people acknowledge their existence.

Window Horses – An animation about a young Canadian who finds out who her father is when she’s invited to a poetry contest in Iran. I hear this one is supposed to be amazing.

We Can’t Make the Same Mistake Twice – And yet everyone does. What’s the mistake in this one? You’ll have to watch to find out! (No, really, you will. I can’t find this one on IMDB either.)

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