Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame and its new Expanded Program

Every year in Hamilton, Ontario, Steeltown hosts the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Festival showing all kinds of comedians from Canada. This year it goes from Feb 21-24, so be prepared to buy those tickets. What can we expect this year? The new festival will start its kick-off over the most fitting venue, the Levity Comedy Club. Events happening that night will include Indigenous comedy, a showcase of Nous Somme’s BIlingue, and even the finals for the contest to decide who is the Funniest Person in Hamilton. For the following days, there will be plenty of featured attractions, like exhibits and podcasts at Hamilton’s Convention Centre. As if that isn’t enough, there will be a special tribute to Steve Smith aka Red Green, who has given me a few handy tips on the rare occasions I watched his show. With everything wrapping up on Saturday the 24th, there will be some more events happening such as an Uncle Buck Brunch at 10AM in the Convention Centre. I wonder if this means that the pancakes will be incredibly large. Along with that, will be a show hosted Shaun Majumder doing a talk-show style of show along with the band called Teenage Head and a lot of Hollywood names honoured, and even tributes to some of the greatest career builders ever. Some of the greatest comedy to come out this year, CCHOF’s Executive Director Tim Progosh, has shown his gratitude with celebrating this year after so many strikes going on. Martin Short who is one of the many comedians being inducted in the show stated how honoured he feels to be a part of the show and involved with people he admires. 

So what are you waiting for? If you live in the area of Hamilton, buy some tickets while you can and head on over. It’ll be a funny and fun time for sure.

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