Best online casino in Canada where gamblers win real money

Register in the best casino online for Canadians; win and do not pay taxes for wins; gamble using beneficial bonuses

Canadians respect the law. Those, who like gambling, do it as well. As soon as land casinos in this country are legal, they feel free playing in various gambling clubs placed in different provinces. Nevertheless, it is much more convenient for many players to stay at home and use the pros of casinos that work online. 

However, as the situation with online gambling business legality is still vague, not to take any risks of breaking laws, Canadians prefer to play in their casinos that have licenses and use playing sites that welcome them and let win real money. Baocasino Canada is exactly this new reliable resource.


Legal online casino Сanada for real money

Canada is inherently a country that offers its residents and guests a huge selection of diverse entertainment options and a pleasant pastime. Among such options, a special place is occupied by numerous casinos and gambling houses. 

Besides, Canadians take care of those people, who want to gamble online. Numerous advantages are offered to them here. When they choose Baocasino, they can use all the advantages of this gambling site, including earning crypto, taking part in tournaments and getting the best prizes in Bao way quest.


No taxes for players

Canada is a real paradise for those players, who win real money in online casinos regularly. If in other countries, especially in the USA, the closest to Canada neighbor, gambling tax in some states can reach 50%, here the situation is different. 

However, there is one “but” even here. Yes, in Canada, there is no tax on winnings, but if Poker is a person’s main source of income, then he, as an individual, must pay income tax, the amount of which is directly proportional to the income for one year.

Progressive tax rates applied at the federal level:

Taxable Income – Rate:

  1. Up to $ 42.707 – 15%;
  2. From $ 42,707 to $ 85,414 – 22%;
  3. From $ 85,414 to $ 132 406 – 26%;
  4. From the sum more than $ 132,406 – 29%.

However, even in this case, the taxes in Canada are lower than in many countries (taxes in the gambling sphere, for sure). Canadian residents, who gamble in the casinos with licenses of other countries, should also follow these laws. Baocasino, with its license from Curacao, being a legal playing site, respects the laws, and follows them.


Bonuses for gamblers

Playing in the best online legal casinos in Canada, gamblers can claim a variety of bonuses, and get them, withdrawing money following wagering requirements. Those, who register in Baocasino for gambling, not for fun, can also get these bonuses. 

Before claiming them, it is recommended to read about the Bonus policy of the casino. In brief, it is as follows:

  1. When a gambler starts playing in Bao with an additional bonus that is over 20 free spins and 100% deposit bonus, this bonus will be added to the first made deposit;
  2. Wagering bonus, the player cannot make the bet over 5 USD or 7, 7 CAD;
  3. Withdrawing money that is won thanks to bonuses usage, the rules works — the maximum withdrawal here is 80 CAD or 50 USD;
  4. Using bonuses, Canadian players must not use any strategies when gambling. If Baocasino finds out that the strategies were used, the win is terminated.


The variety of games

Baocasino that offers its registered players from Canada the variety of games that can be found in other gambling resources, but here, players have a chance to earn Bitcoin and some alternative cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. 

They can do it when choosing crypto as the main currency for gambling or playing special crypto games, which are available in this casino. If a player wins in cryptocurrency, he can withdraw his win instantly.

Baocasino is the best choice for those Canadians, who are seeking for a reliable and legal online casino with a number of cool games, bonuses and interesting promotions. After registration, all these pros become available to a new user.

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