A-Yi released on CBC Short Docs

Recently, CBC Short Docs has released a super short documentary that focuses on the life of an elderly Chinese lady living in East Van. She tends to a garden in the backyard owned by a bunch of millennial roommates who happens to be her neighbours. They’ve lived there for quite a while and made friends with this lady named A-Yi, but now it’s time to move out. The youth are growing up and heading out to find real jobs. But how will it be explained to A-Yi? One of the difficulties is she doesn’t understand English too well and what if the homeowners don’t allow her to store her collected cans and gardening equipment? Well, one has to check out the film to be sure. While it is short and simple, it gives a very heartwarming vibe about a determined lady who won’t let anything ruin her life.

CBC Short Docs has had many different short documentaries submitted over the years and this is one of the more inspiring ones out there. It focuses on the perspectives of two different cultures: Millenials, who have been frequently depicted a fair amount of times, and Chinese Canadians who need to get a little more notice because it seems like they’re getting heavily silenced. It’s interesting to see these two cultures somehow manage to get along together.

It’s an interesting doc worth checking out.

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