Canadian Screen Award honour for Christopher Plummer

This year’s Canadian Screen Awards is set to give one of Canada’s best-loved actors a suitably cherished accolade when Christopher Plummer picks up the Lifetime Achievement award.

It will be in recognition of the 87-year old’s incredible cinematic output that has seen him featuring in iconic movies such as The Sound of Music and Waterloo, as well as popular sci-fi hits like Star Trek VI.

Although the award ceremony won’t take place until 12 March, it will mark a perfect opportunity to have another look at the actor’s illustrious film career. Plummer has already released an acclaimed memoir of his life’s work, and the sheer scope of his filmography illustrates the way that cinema has evolved through the course of his 65-year career.

The star was raised in Montreal and quickly came to the attention of the iconic director Sidney Lumet who cast him in 1958’s Stage Struck. From here, Plummer starred in a string of big-hitting movies, but it will be his role as Georg Von Trapp in The Sound of Music that cemented his reputation in cinematic history.

Although Plummer has remarked that his role in the hit musical was ‘awful and sentimental’, it helped him pick parts in movies as far-ranging as Battle of Britain, The Return of the Pink Panther and The Man Who Would Be King.

Even in the modern era, Plummer has shown a knack of picking up some remarkable roles whether it’s in Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys or as Dr Rosen in 2000’s A Beautiful Mind.

However, it’s still unknown whether the actor regrets turning down the role as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings series of films. This would have not only introduced his acting talents to a new generation of movie-goers, but with the fantasy series having been made into a slots game that features amongst the full review of titles at New Jersey Online Casinos, it could have opened Plummer up to the immense audiences of online gaming.

But whilst Plummer might not feature in any gambling reviews, he can look back on a career that’s seen plenty of glittering awards. With his Academy Award triumph for 2012’s Beginners making him the oldest recipient of the accolade, Plummer has shown an ability to perform well into old age.

And with his daughter, Amanda Plummer, appearing in acclaimed Canadian comedy dramas like You Can Thank Me Later, it looks like his impact on the film world will live on.

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