Canadian and Other Actors and Actresses Who Prefer E-Cigarettes

Canada has clear smoking and vaping regulations. Despite this, the vaping industry is quickly growing with many young people preferring e-cigarettes over traditional nicotine cigarettes. This is evident through various popular figures such as actors and actresses who prefer e-cigarettes as well.

Due to their social influence, these celebrities have made many companies that sell cig a like Canada arise to meet the demands. Let us have a look at various actors and actresses who prefer e-cigarettes so that you may have an idea of how the industry is growing.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong, a Canadian actor and comedian, is a timeless legend who has played a huge role in promoting the marijuana industry. He is a pioneer in making Tommy Chong vaporizers sold in Canada, the USA, and the UK. They are advanced e-cigarettes designed for dry herbs and concentrates. Over time, Tommy Chong-inspired vaporizers have evolved into sophisticated modern e-cigarettes with incredible features.

Will Arnett

If you have been following Canadian TV shows, you probably love Will Arnett’s appearances because he is full of humor. Well, in one of the shows, Jimmy Kimmel Live, he confirmed once having an idea of starting a vaping company where all e-cigarettes promote healthy habits. His idea was to produce e-cigarettes filled with vitamin-rich e-juice as opposed to nicotine. Although it is not yet a reality, it is clear that Will Arnett prefers e-cigarettes to cigarettes because the former promotes healthy habits.

Shauna Rae

Despite her young age, TLC reality television show star Shauna Rae has already taken her side as far as smoking and vaping are concerned. She definitely prefers e-cigarettes as seen on YouTube and Instagram platforms. At one point, she jokingly said that she vapes to look older. However, it is legal for her to vape since she is now 23 years old.

Katherine Heigl

She is considered one of the oldest celebrities to adopt e-cigs. She has previously openly vaped during interviews, confirming that she prefers e-cigarettes to other options. Just like other actors and actresses who smoke, she has been spotted using expensive e-cigarettes, which she keeps changing over time. The best thing is that a person of her status can afford to upgrade every time there is a new model.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been spotted vaping in various places including red carpet events and relaxation joints. As a famous American singer and actress, none of her activities can go unnoticed. She is a big influence in the vaping industry, especially on women. Many of you also probably prefer e-cigarettes because she does.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio is also one of the oldest celebrities to try vaping. He prefers enjoying e-cigarettes in the most sophisticated way as seen on various red carpet and tuxedo events. He has also been quoted that the vape is as good for him as it is good for the guy who made dad-bods cool. DiCaprio has greatly influenced the uptake of vaping all over the world through his social influence as an American actor.

Samuel L. Jackson

Lastly, it is worth it to mention that Samuel L. Jackson is also a popular American actor who prefers to vape. He is quite open about his past drug life and how vaping has changed his life. He says that it is a straight-and-narrow habit that he would rather stick with. For such an icon, this is a major positive influence in the vaping industry.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to vaping, there are many celebrities who prefer e-cigarettes. Celebrities from different parts of the world have now taken their position as far as this issue is concerned. Now that you know, you may decide to join them. Make the right decision now. 

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