Best Canadian Actors Of All Time

When looking and thinking about the market of Canadian actors, many would think that there isn’t many out there that are of much statue. However, having done some research into Canadian actors, it turns out that the North American country is rich full of quality actors and some of which will go down in the hall of fame for some of their impressive performances during their careers and below we look at some of the best Canadian actors of all time. 

The biggest name in terms of Canadian actors has to go to Jim Carrey who is probably the most recognised Canadian born actor on this list. Carry was boring in January 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and has become one of Hollywood’s most recognised faces due to him winning a Golden Globe twice during his career as one of the best comedy actors of all time. Carrey has starred in some of your favourite household films including The Truman Show, Dumb and Dumber and then more recently in Yes Man and Bruce Almighty.

Another popular actor in the comedy field that was also born in Canada was John Candy who unfortunately has passed but has a legacy as one of the greatest and funniest actors of his time. Candy was born on October 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was welcomed into many roles due to his larger-than-life size and personality, but also his smile and impressive endearing heart which ensured that he played some of the best roles of all time. Candy’s stand out work was certainly in Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains and Automobiles which were both recognised by a lot of organisations. 


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And finally, of more recent times, Ryan Reynolds who was born in October 1976 has become the fact of Canadian acting in recent times and is certainly the cover boy that Canada would want. Reynolds has been in quite a lot of movies, mainly in supporting roles including X-Men, Green Lantern and Safe House but it was his Deadpool series which really showed the quality of the Canadian as it went down as one of the best Marvel films of all time. He also stars in Mississippi Grind where he plays the lead role as a gambler, and if you want to follow Reynolds and also play the lead role on a gambling market, these betting sites not on gamstop are offering betting markets for all sports and guarantee that your punting fun won’t be limited by the gamstop scheme.


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