Upcoming Weekend movies: Krampus and Krays

Not a whole lot to check out this weekend.

Krampus – A holiday movie. Or one would like to think so. Instead of your usual festive holiday movie, this turns dark really quickly as it’s about a creepy ghoul who comes to places where there’s hardly any holiday cheer. Such as the family in this movie. Emjay Anthony plays the role of a boy named Max who has to deal with a dysfunctional family, even more chaotic than the Coopers. Max no longer believes in the Christmas Spirit thanks to his crazy family, and this unleashes a monster named Krampus who’s let loose on non-believers in the Christmas Spirit. Instead of showing this family what Christmas should be about, Krampus simply tortures them along with his crew of demon possessed toys, first taking away their power and locking them in the house. It can only escalate when he goes further in his assault. A horror/comedy mainly for those who want to check out horror mixed with the holidays.

Legend – A story about two identical twin gangsters, both played by the same actor. Identical characters played by the same person have happened before, but results were never the best. Anyhow Reggie and Ronnie Cray are the two most dangerous criminals in the history of British crime. This movie focuses on them and their drug empire which was very well known in the ’60s. Surely enough, English law enforcement is soon required to go after these two dangerous brothers and deal with them before they cause more destruction. Great movie for anyone interested in action films.

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