Action, Dramas and a Documentary

In the Heart of the Sea Ron Howard returns with an action drama set in winter 1820 and based on the inspiration for Moby Dick. The film shows how a ship’s crew survives the aftermath of a vicious attack by a whale. They must now brave vicious storms of the sea and deal with problems such as starvation. Anyone interested in the story of Moby Dick as well as watching action on the sea should give this a checkout, it seems pretty stunning.

Everything will be Fine After an accident involving a car crash in the snow, Tomas, a writer, tries to reconstruct his life after it feels like everything spiraled out of control. Over the next 12 years, Tomas struggles but gets manages to make it so his life has meaning again. A drama with a lot of feeling, but it sounds painful, especially for the protagonist.

Carol Taking place in 1950s New York, Carol tells the story of two women who fall in love. Starring Rooney Mara as Therese Belivet and Cate Blanchett as Carol; Therese wants a better life and Carol wants something more than her loveless marriage. When the two meet, a spark erupts and the two get a stronger connection overtime. For a romantic drama, it sounds interesting. Maybe more interesting than the drama I mentioned above.

Heart of a Dog – What sounds like a heartwarming documentary about Laurie Anderson’s Rat Terrier Lolabelle. The documentary brings together personal memories about all the fun times Anderson shared with her dog before it died. She also pays tribute to artists who have inspired her. Interesting documentary for those who like animals.

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