Taking Shelter, Taking Video with Drones, Taking Comedy Votes

Taking Shelter, a film by Toronto collagist Jonathan Culp that opened in Toronto on Canada Day, is  a unique work made up of clips from 434  “Canuxploitation” films from the 70s and 80s, when there was a 100% federal tax deduction for CanCon movies. For more, including a thoughtful look at how the Canadian film industry advanced during that era, see this Peter Howell article in The Toronto Star.
If you’d rather just see “what happens when you let Maury Chaykin be the mayor” (there have been comparisons to Rob Ford), see below  . . .

A privacy lawyer with a drone? Yes, and Halifax’s David Fraser “has wowed thousands of people with his spectacular footage of the city from the sky”, the CBC reports. It also relays his rules for using drones, which are worth reading as the vehicles are being used more and more in filmmaking.

Voting is open on the the 16th Canadian Comedy Awards — you can see details and a full list of nominees here — and goes on till August 15th. The news comes via the National Screen Institute, which has several grads among the nominees in multiple categories. The awards are presented in Toronto on September 13, 2015.

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