5 Things Canadian Film Types Need to Know Today

  1. New visual effects options: The Red Giant Universe is expanding. A release via PRNewswire says Universe 1.4 offers users four new free tools and four new premium tools, the free ones including Soft Edge Wipe, a linear wipe transition with an adjustable feathered edge, and the premium tools including Texturize, which allows users to quickly give footage a Walking Dead-style grungy textured treatment. Read about all of them here.
  2. New equipment: The Tenba Switch, a customizable professional camera bag “sized specifically for mirrorless cameras and accessories including lenses, flashes, and audio gear” was announced yesterday. Read more about it at PRNewswire, here.
  3. New Final Cut Pro X plugin (what would a day be without one?): ProText Sparkles is a set of 30 shimmering text effects created for Final Cut Pro X. Read more from PRWeb, here.
  4. New films are being actively sought for the Whistler Film Festival, which runs from December 2 to 6, 2015 and will feature up to 90 films comprised of about 40 features and 50 shorts. Canadian and International filmmakers are invited to submit films of all lengths and genres. Deadlines run from May 2nd to August 31st, with (of course) an early bird discount on the entry fee — read more at WireService.ca, here.
  5. New CanCon rules from the CRTC: It sounds like they’re shooting for quality over quantity. You can read all the details on it, plus the Discoverability Summit planned for the fall of 2015 to to “explore how technology can be used to help viewers find programs made by Canadians” here at PRNewswire.

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