Air Canada enRoute Film Festival: Part II

Monsieur Keven – Ariane is pregnant, causing her to think about her boyfriend, Sebastien, who’s more into social media then anything else. When their cat Mr. Keven goes missing, that’s when Sebastien gets up and starts helping Ariane help with the search. This one started out basic, and just ended strange. Monsieur Lefebvre – A […]

Air Canada enRoute Film Festival: Part I

Voting is open on the People’s Choice Awards for the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. I figured since I was there before, I could vote for something I may have watched a while back. Some stuff worth reviewing. (A)lone – I remember this one. A lonely man (Danny Gilmore) who tries to contact his girlfriend who […]

EnRoute Film Festival Vancouver

Last night’s launch of the 2015 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival at the Vancity Theatre was a good time — I was surprised it wasn’t as packed as the VWF. The first hour or so consisted of drinking and mingling. (All drinks on the house — why don’t more people know about this?)  Midway were […]