Mutants (Review)

Who likes playing baseball?

…Me neither. Well, that’s what this film is about anyhow. What, you thought a film called Mutants was about monsters made from toxic waste? No. It’s about a French Canadian baseball team of teens ready for practice. But before it can begin, they must initiate their new team member Keven (Joseph Delorey) through a pre-practice ritual of all the guys jacking off at once. Oh geez. Already a minute in and I’m creeped out. What is it with these modern day initiations? Oh well, the coach (Francis La Haye) comes in to instruct everyone on where to go and what to do. Anyways, the first guy up to bat is our average jock named Marco (Jeremy Labonte). Keven pitches only for the ball to fly back and hit him hard. I guess some kids have it worse than Charlie Brown. Keven is taken to a doctor’s office where he has a seriously disturbing mark on his eye. Keven is left to doing a day job working at a gas station with a bad eye. But he’s not always alone. The Mutant’s female umpire Kelly (Tanya Quirion) comes by the gas station to hang out with him and suggest maybe he can still help out on the team, so that’s what he does. Of course, due to unforeseen events, Keven soon becomes the team’s coach after their real one gets fired. So ultimately, what it plays down to is if Keven can lead the team to the victory. At the same time, Keven’s hormones get the best of him and he develops a love interest in Kelly.

Well, the subject matter is one of those coming of age stories, in short film form, taking place in a village-like town where everyone knows each other. And as my past reviews have shown, there’s not much to them. Actually, I feel there was a little more to the subject matter in this one and it seemed to have a better story for me to understand. Even though I’ve never played baseball or got hit in the eye before. The characters, while typical are very well acted, and the setting is clever. It’s all good, it’s all interesting, even if the ending is kind of unsettling, but at the same time ties everything together. People often ask me why I didn’t play sports as a teen, this is probably a reason why.

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